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Pokemon or human? (if Pokemon, state which one, legends are prohibited and high levels are only prohibited during the beginning):

Ability (optional if Pokemon):

Weapons (optional for both):


Moveset (for Pokemon, 6 max):

Level (Pokemon):




Quote (optional):

Partner (can be human or Pokemon, one only):

Main contracts: (What you mostly do, such as raids, contract killings, destruction, corporate espionage, etc.)


Bounty Hunter rank:

Credits: (you start off with 2,000)

is this still a thing

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if you like that shit you'll love this shit

Welcome to the bounty board, make a post saying that you're ready for a job and I shall give you an assignment.

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Black market:

This is where you can buy equipment, just say you want to buy something, tell me how much you have and I'll tell you what you can get for what cost. This place is run by Jamie. She knows all about this stuff and has been in the business for a long time, so she can be trusted. 

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Name: El Segador

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Pokemon or human?: Human

Weapons: Sniper rifle, Single pistol and large combat knife

Equipment: infrared, night vision and magnified vision built in mask

Skills: stealth, shooting, parkour and knife combat

Likes: Meskal, a good contract and killing corrupt men

Dislikes: corrupt men, the weak and cowards

Quote: you may escape justice, but no one escapes the reaper...

Partner: Guadaña

Main contracts: raids, killing and corporate espionage

Bio: As a child, his parents left him alone under a bridge, and he doesn't know why. Maybe it was protection? Hate? Disgust? Anger? Who knows. But what he does know, is that an honest life, is never easy. He was walked on, pushed around and undermined. So he finally turned to crime at the age of 11, he started with petty theft, then breaking and entering, drug transport all the way to his first kill. One day, when he was in the streets, a black Scyther jumped him. She was large and about to cut him up. But he wasn't scared. He even chuckled, the Scyther fled in confusion. But she came back time and time again. But she. Could never kill him. Eventually she gave up and just confronted him. Soon, they learned they were both abandoned at birth. After a short time they became friends. Now they rule Mexico. And plan to expand.

Bounty Hunter rank: 27

Credits: 2,000


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Name: Guadaña

Age: 39

Gender: Female

Pokemon or human?: Pokemon

Ability: technician

Weapons: just the two blades

Equipment: body armor

Moveset: x-scissor, slash, bite, double team, wing attack and night slash

Level: 31

Skills: speed, dexterity, stealth and slashing

Likes: a good fight, Meskal and cutting things

Dislikes: idiots, cowards and a bad contract

Quote: awww... why so scared Mijo? I'm only gonna rip you in half!

Partner: El Segador

Main contracts: Raids and Killings

Bio: A scyther who was an outcast due to her color since those who raised her saw that her color did not match the green forests they lived in. So, she travelled to the dark streets of Western mexico, there she found that at night, she was invisible among the shadows. So she took her aggression on unsuspecting travellers. She gained the name "Guadaña" which means Scythe in Spanish. She kept the name. Then one day, she came across a small teenager, he was alone in the streets. Guadaña saw him as another victim, but when she pinned him down and prepared to strike him, she noticed the lack of fear in him, in fact, he was chuckling. She found this unsettling and fled. Later on, they met again, she vowed she would end him this time but, the same thing happened over and over, until eventually she stopped him. She asked why he wasn't afraid, he said that he had no reason to, he's already been through worse. Soon, they became friends due to both being unwanted in their families. Now, they run the streets of Mexico, and aim to take over the next city.

Bounty Hunter rank: 27

Credits: 2,000

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