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”Even if I die trying to become stronger, and protect my friends… at the very least I tried.”

Name: Seamus “Jim” Collins

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human 

Role: Hero

Weapon(s): None

Gear: None

Clothing:  While what he wears changes occasionally, he will often wear a yellow shaded straw hat and blue shorts.

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black

Skin color: Pale

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 124 lbs.

Bio: Seamus is wander, and doesn't seem to have any intention of staying on one place. He had spent much of his life learning his abilities from his older siblings in an attempt to become as strong as he is.

Personality: Seamus is extremely trusting, and at some points, can even be classified as an airhead. He easily makes others his friends and allies, to the point where some consider that to be his deadliest feature. Although, when the situation calls for it, usually when one of his allies is in danger, Seamus becomes extremely serious and becomes much more efficient and much less forgiving.

Relatives: An older sister, and an older brother.

Weakness: Over use of his powers wear him out incredibly fast, and even further use than that will actually wear years off of his life span.

Power: Willpower Manipulation- Seamus has the ability to control almost any constitute of his body by channeling his will power into the are he wishes to use as a conduit.

Moves and Abilities:
Will Power of the Observer: Using this technique allows Jim to manifest his will into his ocular senses. Allowing him to preserve attacks at an extremely slow rate (much like him seeing in slow motion), and react accordingly to what he sees.

Will Power of the Armament: Using this technique, Jim manifests his will into a specified area of his body, usually an arm or leg, and uses it to increase the durability of the limb. This causes the limb to turn a metal like black.

Will Power of the Conqueror: Using this technique, Jim focuses an extreme build up of his willpower and lets it burst forth from him. This will often cause the opponent(s) to suffer from an intense shock of fear, which if used against an opponent who has a lower constitute of will than himself causes unconsciousness. This technique is most often characterized by a low-pitched hum that emanates from his body as a result of the outpour.

Will Power of the Gladiator: Using this technique, Jim transfers his will throughout his circulatory system, amplifying the stream of oxygen and nutrients to his body. This allows his body to burn off energy at a much higher speed, giving him enhanced speed and enhanced strength. Although use of this technique for extended periods of time does cause rapid deterioration of the cells within the body.
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