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Hello and welcome to the Call Of Duty Roleplay Community!
Here you may use any CoD character and do any mission from any game!Or create a character and create a mission!Massive Roleplays (big wars etc.) will happen occasionally
Comment your roster below!
No nudity
No conflict outside of Roleplay
Swearing is allowed
Don't kill off characters without asking.
You may have three canons but mods may have 4.

My roster is:
Simon 'Ghost' Riley
Captain John Price
Frank Woods

Thanks for joining! =D

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Roach is stationed in Afghanistan with the Task Force, his mission is to infiltrate an Taliban compound with his squad, secure Intel on terrorist bombings and hostages in the region


"A lie is a lie, just because they write it down and call it history, doesn't make it the truth, it makes it THEIR truth, this world's people... Live in a world where they know everything is wrong, don't let them fool you, George"

"You're not going to kill me, because you're already dead..." - David to a Captured Soviet Commander.

"I'm going to kill you... Not today... Not tomorrow.. But I'm going to kill you.." - David to one of his squad members betraying him.

"Oh no…. No! No! Ahhhhhhhhhh! No... No... No.." - David finding out about his mother's death.

Name: David Smith

Rank: Private, (Wake Island) Specialist, (Coral Sea - Guadalcanal Campaign) Corporal, (Guadalcanal Campaign - Operation Market Garden) Sergeant,(Operation Market Garden - End of World War 2) Sergeant First Class, (Korean War - Bay of Pigs Invasion) First Lieutenant, (Vietnam War - Invasion of Panama) Retired, (1991 - Death)

Alias: Falcon (By "Badger"), Wasp (By Commanders)

Age: 18, (Wake Island) 19, (Coral Sea) 20, (Guadalcanal Campaign) 21, (Operation Market Garden) 37, (Bay of Pigs) 66, (Panama Invasion) 68, (Retired)

Gender: Male

Personality: Patriotic, Loyal, Friendly, Brave

Weapons: Commando, w/ RDS, Beretta M9, Frag grenades, Chopper Gunner

Skills: Marks-men-ship, Stealth, Patience, Leadership

Faction: US Marines, US Army, US Navy, USMC, (WW2) MACV-SOG, CIA (Cold War)

Bio: David was a soldier born and raised in Virginia, he was raised by his father and mother at a small house, until WW2. His father went to war in Europe, while his mother was a nurse in North Africa. David got visited by a US General, David then enlists while the General looks after George and be-friends, Ben Paul, Kenny and Lee. David fights in various battles until the war ends, his mother dies in North Africa, causing him to go into a brief depression and re-covers, but stays in service, despite him losing his friends. David is later enlisted into the CIA and takes part in the Bay of Pigs invasion. In the Vietnam war, he is put into MACV-SOG with his former comrades from WW2. Later he takes part in the Invasion of Panama and the Angolan Civil War along side Lewis Mason. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, David retires and lives with his wife, Lily Smith.

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Quote: "Just follow orders, you'll make it out alive"

Name: Gary Sanderson

Rank: Sergeant

Alias: Roach

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Patriotic, Shy, caring, friendly

Weapons: G36C Assault Rifle, w/ Acog scope, forward grips. M1911 pistol, Frag gernades, recon drone

Skills: Marksmenship, stealth, recon

Faction: Task Force 141

Bio: Born and raised in Pennsylvania but moved to Boston, Massachusetts, "Roach" (as his fellow soldiers called him) was born into a middle class British-American family. His father was a member of the SAS while his mother was the first female member of Delta Force, his father left the family when he was five and he wanted to be a soldier. After high School he joined Delta Force at the age of 17 making him the youngest soldier to join the elite group of warriors. After serving with them for three years, he got in to Task Force 141, a elite group of operatiors around the globe.
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//Open to all
Makarov's men were at his Georgian safehouse, currently taking stock of the armoury and the different sorts of rifles and grenades he had hidden in the nooks and crannies of the home.

"Все хорошо!"
(All Good!)

With that, the Ultranationalists were finished taking inventory. Until, they heard a car screeching to a halt outside, and someone exiting. Loading their rifles, they left the home to see...


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Name: Vladimir Makarov
Allegiance: Russian Royal Army/Inner Circle
Weapons: P90 Rifle, M16, PKP Pecheng, M4A1 with Holographic Sight and Grenade Launcher, Incendiary Grenades, Smoke Grenades, RPG-7, C4
Personality: Insane, Remorseless, Murderous, Psychopathic
Vladimir was once a Russian military personnel. However, he was forced out by the West and soon began to hate them. He worked with Zakheav until he died, from then on he took control of the Ultranationalist's extremist wing.

Okay who shall I RP as m8s?

Rp anyone?

Anyone wanna RP?

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Quote: "Give me time with him. I'll get answers within a hour or two."

Name: CPL. Ashley Stewart

Alias: The Maid of Libéré

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Personality: Patriotic, brave, outgoing

Weapons: M4A1 affixed with ACOG, 9mm pistol, Bowie knife, Mossberg 590A1, M141 BDM

Skills: Explosives, water boarding others, hand to hand, marksmanship

Faction: Rangers

Bio: Born in California but was raised in Texas. Ashley had always loved sports, and MMA. At the age of 19, she joined the U.S. Army about 10 years before the events of MW1. A few year down the line, CPL. Stewart had became a U.S. Army Ranger and got the nickname "The maid of Libéré (Freedom) for what she had done on the battlefield. Now she fights alongside Taskforce 141 whenever she is needed but most of the time with the U.S. military.
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