Welcome to New Mexico's Oldest Distillery

We are a craft distillery specializing in small batch hand crafted
spirits for people who appreciate the very best.  We produce the 
world's only bourbon whiskey and vodka made from Blue Corn.  New 
Mexico blue corn is the oldest corn and was  first cultivated by the 
ancient Anasazi Indians along New Mexico's Rio Grande.  We also 
make a Gin from New Mexico botanicals; and Brandy, Pisco, Grappa, 
Calvados and a Cherry Eau de Vie from NM fruits.

We make our 13 wines 6 Ports  and Sherry using old world craftsmanship with minimal 
chemicals.  We specialize in Ports and belong to a select group of Port producers in the 
world who make both the wine and the brandy in their Ports.  In all our wine and spirits 
production, we are committed to using natural or organic products, limiting the use of 
chemicals and exercising green manufacturing methods.

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