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K: that's it now go beyond your limits
T: oh of course I can't here you but I can read your lips to a T so don't worry
R: don't underestimate my anger that's the key to my power

Names: Quilava - Ray. Eevee Kenway Chespin - Tobi

Level: ray 18 but can increase depending on his anger. Tobi: 16 nothing special. Kenway: unknown but is said to be milestones ahead of them both

Personality: ray - when not angry wich is 80% of the time he's a funny guy who can't take a joke. Tobi: is always listing to music on full blast so he can't here anyone nor himself so he has a very loud voice and can be annoying sometimes and is a huge risk taker. Kenway: isn't really that smart about anything but battling is always in a nice calm funny mood but is secretly passive aggressive towards people he hates

Moves: ray- quick attack double kick flare weal and flamethrower tobi: pin missile energy ball vine whip and bite. Kenway: said to have a full set but so far only reviled Swift.

Bio: both ray and tobi are long time friends who want to get stronger so they figured training with a guardian would be best for then ray is training to control his anger so he can use it to his advantage tobi wanted to lurn new combo attack so he can strike massive damage on a enemy and Kenway is just enjoying being a teacher and well teache them everything he knows on there journey to get stronger
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A young shinny Entei walks into the guild. Hello?
It was empty, being new guild and it being night.
You walk out of the dorm hall and see her. You...

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Nickname: Ember
Pokemon: Entei (shinny)
Gender: genderless (prefers female)
Sexuality: N/A
Level: 5
Moves: leer, bite, eruption, lava plume (note to self: level her up to 8 for ember, and 50 for sacred fire)
Ability: Pressure
Likes: Food, friends
Dislikes: evil...
Nature: Bold

Event:the first 5 Pokémon oc's can be ledgendaries.
pokèmon left:4

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a strange light emits from the top of the castle,the moons light shines brightly in the sky like hope in darkness


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