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This made my day. Say what you like about Insane Clown Posse culture*, they know how to have a good time. Fiasco is a perfect fit!

*If your impulse is to tear these people down, check your privilege and ask yourself who is having more fun and making more friends.

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For Tabletop Simulator players, I've created a Steam Group so Fiasco players on the platform can more easily get games going. Feel free to join, if interested

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I'm looking at the article and the "Fiasco-in-a-Box" idea. While I see the replacement of the playsets and dice with a card deck, I'm still wondering how the deck will stand in for the many playsets, both "Official" and "Homebrew", that have specific lines.
Dying to know how our new Fiasco is shaping up? After demoing at Origins, we'd say: pretty well.

Hey Friends! We're going to make a little change here on the Fiasco community page by removing the "Fiasco IRL" category.

While it is the most frequently-used category, the content posted there is starting to feel less like good inspiration for your next game and more like just punching down.

What we would love to see are good examples of Fiasco-like situations in modern films and television shows, new playset ideas, actual play stories, and all the other good stuff you all are coming up with!


How well does everyone think the newish Netflix docu-series, Wild, Wild, Country works as a fiasco inspiration/touchstone?

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Playtested the long in limbo Winter Court playset based in the world of Rogukan from Legend of the Five Rings. Worked really well, largely because we are familiar with the setting. But it's languished long enough.

Will be formatting it up and posting it hopefully soon.

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Jason doesn’t do normal autographs...

It reads John!
Here’s the deal - I put the stuff in a pelican case wrapped in plastic and dropped it off [at] Harbor Island - We’ll totally be able to find it again, I promise!

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Me and +Jason Morningstar at Phoenix Games!

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One playset that I try to finish.
Still without any art or the correct fonts.
Maybe someone want's to take a look and give some feedback!


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Hey everyone! I just rolled out a major update to
* Updated styling
* Massive improvement to search
* Grouped playsets by language in all views
* Improved grid and list views
* More usable filters
* Improved mobile-friendliness
* Tracked down all broken links and missing playsets
* Added a ton of new playsets
* Improved playset submission and contact form
* Dozens of small usability improvements throughout the site
* More updates coming soon

I'm loathe to ask for things, but if you've enjoyed, considered kicking me a few bucks toward hosting the site at

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