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Name: Cooper
Age: 17
Gender: male
Species: wolf
Weapon: prefers smaller guns, easier to carry
Clothing: Mostly a sweater and some jeans
Eyes: there closed in this picture, so I'm gonna say there blue
Hair: tealish
Personality: smart, nice, shy
Powers: idk XD
This is NOT my art! 

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Hi I am snow 

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"Well My Name Is Ashley"

"Why? Hm Fine Its Ash"

"I'm 16"

"Are You Blind I'm a Female"

"You need to get your Eyes Checked I'm a Wolf Furry"

"I'm Straight"

"Well I Prefer Daggers or an M16"

"Well I Usually am in a Short shirt and some leggings"

"Oh Their Blue"

"Well My Hair is White....It doesn't mean I'm Old!"

"Well I'm Pretty Aggressive... And Sometimes I'm Nice if you don't get on my bad side"

"Well I Like to Dance... And Usually go to parties..Thats Pretty Much it"

"I Hate Rude Furries, I also Hate Yelling."

"Why Do you need to know? Fine My Powers are.... Healing, Super Speed. Oh And Good Hearing. Yes I Know it sounds Stupid..."

"Are you Stalking me? This is Personal. So you need to back off.... Will find in Role-Play... She's Grumpy Right Now "


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Hi everyone what's up

Hey hey hey! It's me Lily! The creator of this place. Why don't we liven it up again? I remember this place used to be hella active. I missed you all! Have a great day. If you wanna talk or rp with me personally just ask or tag me. And please do not be afraid to follow or friend me!

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A community made for secure endless fun for all.

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Hey everyone. I'm new....

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Name: lilmisssb
Age: 22
Gender: mare
Spicys: unicorn
Weapon: nife or anything sharp
Clothing: usely nothing
Eye: green
Hair: pink purple
Tail: pink purple
Personality: kind,generous
Sexuality: bi
Likes: being submisseve
Dislikes: being domnit
Powers: anything I can lern from books

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would anybody join?

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Name: Strip
age: 18
gender: male
species: skunk
sexuality: gay
clothing: usually he wears jeans and a t shirt that says i smell good
hair: white
eyes: green
personality: shy, nice, caring, sneaky and sometimes flirty
power: being cute when he`s shy
bio: his parents are very strict they don`t like other furries so they lock him he sneaks out from time to time to go to his job also he`s gay he hides from attractive guys cause he`s afraid that his parents will scare them away
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