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Name: Hollie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: Drawing, being alone, coldish places,singing,and flying
Dislikes:hate,lies,forgetting,losing art
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Pegasus
Works: Rainbow factory
Lives: Cloudsville

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it's pouring rain and you see four mare's sitting by a building, a unicorn, alicorn, Pegasus, and an earth pony
Earth pony: you screwed us over thunder...
Pegasus: I'm sorry!
Unicorn: you were to sweet and which got us mugged!!
Alicorn: just be quiet you three...
Pegasus: you be quiet Moon!
Unicorn: at least moon didn't get us mugged...!
Earth pony: she pushes the unicorn and Pegasus into a large puddle
You decide to step in and... (ask first, no first come first served)
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"Location: Somewhere outside of everything"
"Time: 2:17Pm"
"day 1"

Out in the calm parts of Equestria is well calm and during this nothing happens today or will something happen on this day we wont know yet and well now something does and coming from the skies is a space pod which comes down crashing into the ground and all around radars pick this up as well some other stuff but skipping to the crash site shows something come out of it and what comes out is a pony holding his head which is bleeding and the pony looks around as he knows someponies might of saw this. He makes sure he gets stuff from within and tries to find a place to hide and when he does he is in the a forest which has a place of water and that and he hides in a cave and as so he hides and waits for time to come off.

"2 days later"
"Location: In a forest"
"Time: 11:39Am"
"Day 3"

Still hidding is the same alien pony because he knows he is being watched or something as he sneaks to the U.F.O like object to see it gone and he slams his hoof down confused and that as he looks around his ears down as he back off and walks off to go into hidding and he then dives and hides into a tree that has fallen hearing somepony coming and he sits there his hear racing.

Who wants to RP with an Alien?

((SO if anypony is here and to those who are and want to RP here you go))


Owning a house and living in the town Stalker is inside looking to his fangs that his father passed down to him since his father was a vampony as he is now and he sighs a bit and looks around and behind him a bit as he soon leaves the house wearing his massive over coat. As he gets it on he gets out and walks around Ponyville under his time and he hums hidding his fangs the best he can because he doesn't want many to see whats going on with him as he walks along the side roads down the towns pathways.

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name: spidershadow
age: 17
species: human
gender: male
personality: never giving up kind friendly brave and heroism other positive emotions
skills: agility flexability super jump super strength cling to walls spider sense sixth sense and has web shooters
weapons: none
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excuses me can I ask something

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Name: ender

Species: ender

Age: 20

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Bio: unknown

Place of residence: the ender hime world

Personality: nice

Skills: self defense

Weapons: dual scythe
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Name: cherry cream
Age: 15
Gender: female
Species: wolf pony Pegasus
Appearance: (picture)
Personality: (bipolar) kind, prankster, cruel, funny
Likes: other ponies, playing games, pulling tricks and pranks,
Dislikes: being caught, being teased
Bio: my name is cherry Cream and I'm 15, I'm a wolf pony Pegasus, I get teased a lot for how different I am, long story short, that's why I'm like i am...

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Name: Crystal Sparkle

Species: Alicorn

Age: 20 in unicorn years but 1 month in alicorn years

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Bio: i used to be a normal unicorn with a normal life, i was also the student of princess twilight, but when she went on a murder spree i had to stop her, well once she was stoped her wings faded and ended up on me, now i got to get used to being royal.

Place of residence: Phoebie's Kingdom

Personality: kinda, weirdish but sweet

Skills: has powerful magic nothing else
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