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First of all, this will NOT be a huge argument on whether Justin Bieber or One Direction is going to be the next Michael Jackson craze, ok? I don't care if you feel like Justin sounds like a girl, because, at one point in time, you sounded like a girl too. I personally am not a huge fan of either of them, but I respect that they're following their dreams and criticizing them to make myself feel better isn't going to benefit my life at all. This is just to chat about random things that have to do with celebrities.

Did you go see a movie that just came out? Did you hate it? Love it? It was terrible but you enjoyed it? I've totally felt that way before. Any movie requests or warnings on? Let me know!!

The title is pretty self explanatory. It could be embarrassing, funny, sad (but not too sad, please), how you got your cat, I don't care. I'm curious and I'd love to hear it!

This isn't a place to go trashing Obama or anything. This is just debating on gun control or if violent video games make people violent or stuff like that. I couldn't really think of a good title, so i put politics. It was close enough, right? I wanna know your opinion on current laws or things. If you have opinions on say gay marriage or something, that doesn't count as perversion as long as it's civilized. Let me know your view on the world! It doesn't just have to be in the United States!

What's your favorite joke? Please, please, PLEASE don't use the "how did the chicken cross the road" joke. Why can't we just live in a world where a chicken can walk across a street without having its morals questioned? I mean seriously. Real jokes. I, like most people, really like laughing, and if you can make me laugh, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

It doesn't even have to be drama in your life. Famous people's drama, friend's drama, parent's drama, random television show drama, I'll read any complaint or view. Share whatever you want!

I love animals. That's all there is to it. I simply can't pick between cats and dogs. What about you?

If you're anything like me, you can pretty much find a complaint about everything. Let me know what's been bugging you lately!!

You might know nothing about sports, like me, and might not care at all, kind of like me. I'm curious about a couple of things, but overall, sports don't catch my eye. Let me know about you, though. Or if you just feel like that one guy on that one team from that one state from that one game was a total fail and you simply NEED to let someone know, I'll probably still read it.
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