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Okay I'm so scared right now!! I have be having sharp pains on the back of my head lower left side only. Went to the doctor they gave me ibuprofen sent me home. Well I just discovered a lump as wide as a ping pong ball and i get sudden and freqent dizzines. When I cough,move,look around or anything it hurts right in the lump VERY BADLY!!! I have no insurance and the health department won't do anything I'm scared guys 😨

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"Dr. Navinder Sawhney, a cardiologist at Escondido Cardiology Associates and medical director of electrophysiology at Palomar Hospital, told PNN that he and other physicians at his practice have been recommending the #ZibdyHealth platform to their... patients for several months now. “I find Zibdy to be very useful in that it can have patients keep track of their medications in real time, and if there is a change at a hospital or other doctor’s office, they have an accurate record,” Dr. Sawhney said."

Hi community members, I want to be a nurse when i grow up and i was wondering if nursing school was hard?

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Caregiving with ZibdyHealth
Taking care of parents and/or children is an important feature of ZibdyHealth. A number of features in ZibdyHealth are designed specifically to assist with this. First is the concept of associations. These are normally family members, but can also be friends, doctors and care givers. Associations can be set up as sub accounts or as linked independent accounts. When independent accounts are linked, permissions must be set to allow them to be managed by other users. Using this model, caregiving can be carried out and even shared.

Companion Care for parents living across county (or even across town) can help ease the stress for family Caregivers.

Looking for a website where I can get charting forms. I do home care with gpa and feel lost without charting!

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Nurses have it all, from compassion to care. They deserve the true appreciation for their healthcare services.

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Please try our new website!

Give your patient easiest tool to record what medications they take and help them with reminders so they do not miss it.

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ZibdyHealth v1.5 is live now!

The  recent upgrade of our platform comes with big improvements on the back-end so that a user will have much better and smoother experience. It is completely free.

Here are few things one can do on ZibdyHealth:
• Access from any computer or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry)
• Allows barcode scanning of medication including OTC
• Provides email, text, phone, or alarms for medicine adherence
• Allows one to manage the medications of family members or a patient
• Provides a simple to understand drug interaction database
• Provides a location to record vaccinations
• Sends 4 reminders for each vaccines based on CDC vaccine schedule
• Provides a location to record vital signs (eventually will be able to download directly from devices)
• Medication database that includes medications from many nations around the world
Much more to come

In next few days, we will release the reporting function which will generate reports in PDF and XML/CCD based on HL-7 standards. This should make it easy to transfer data from ZibdyHealth to most EHR software thereby providing interoperability.

Over time, ZibdyHealth will yield a deeper understanding of the patient and their family health history which they will be able to share their physician. Thus, ZibdyHealth is first virtual pharmacogenetics platform.

ZibdyHealth will be an enormous help to families with genetically linked diseases, such as diabetes, depression, cancer and many more. It enables many powerful functions, including help with compliance, and the opportunity for users to access their personal and family medical history in less than 10 seconds.
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