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Hi fellow Michiganders! Our founder and a few people on our team are from Michigan. We also love pets and animals. We invite anyone on this community page to check out the pet mobile app we're making that's designed to help animal rescues and pet owners. If anyone would like to contribute and spread the word, we'd be most grateful! 

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You can tour and taste the products of Valentine Vodka and help a wonderful group that helps so many in the Detroit metro area.

$40 gets you a tour, 2 handcrafted cocktails, a great time, and is your good deed for the day.

Thankyou for the invite :) Newcastle Pound Pooch Rescue saves poochies in the Newcastle Region of NSW, Australia. 

Thank you for the invitation ♥

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was checking this out for the two feral cats that I Feed, we have a barn but am not sure with the cold front coming in that it would be warm enough

Dear dog lovers!

I have had an idea and thought you might be able to tell me if its something you'd value.

So.... a while ago (12 months ago in fact) I had an idea for a washable, waterproof, packable 'hiking mat for dogs'

The idea for the mat came about with my elderly greyhound last year. It was the last long walk we went on together (about 8.5 miles) and it was in the snow at Christmas. He was tired and lay down in the snow (he had his coat on) which chilled him underneath and I thought 'I need something for him to lie on'. One of my lurchers also lay down in the snow too.

I searched and searched the internet but there was nothing which met my particular needs. They were either non packable crate mats or car seat or boot covers with metal rings which would clank and rust in the washing machine.

There's a trade off between padding, durability and packability and it is finding the optimum middle ground. Am always happy to hear if people like the general idea. I thought it was a good one but I could just be bonkers!

A pleasure to be part of your wonderful dog community. Let rip with your thoughts!

Thanks for the invite.  I look forward to everyone's ideas and discussions. Brandy

Thanks for inviting us! Happy Holidays!

Thanx for the invitation & we're happy to join you!

Thank you for inviting me!
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