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Hello I want to make sure you guys follow the rules that are going to be listed down below.
1- don't bully, I know people do that alot about others artwork and stuff
2- don't put any Sexual things in this community there be 1 warning
3- don't disobey the rules and follow them please
4- if any mods tell something wrong or say anything please listen to them
5- no swearing please in this community I want it PG-13 please
6- you can make own stories about your warrior cat ocs if you like just ask me or other owners
7- please make sure you ask before using others artwork for your own video, profile picture, and ect

Here's the mods (need some)

Hers more of the owners (need some)
+Witty - Senpai‚Äč
(I will always make witty owner if she not her)

You do not have to sign up for your warrior cat to be here just follow the rules and things like that. Please enjoy there will be edits.
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