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Ok ok ok so since it's a dead land here I will finally make my character for rp

Name: Rana-chan (Newest default for Vocaloid)
Age: 16
Height: 5`3
Personality: outgoing, enthusiastic, never shy, never a dull moment with her, always excited, great listener, sometimes a hypocrite, and last but not least, optimistic!
Bio: nothing much about Rana-chan but she LOVES rainbows and singing! She hates seeing other people be sad and her only emotion is happiness and anger! Sadness is very rare for her! Even if she grew up in a non happy environment she's still always happy and always smiling
Ability: let's give her a rainbow cannon. It'll come from her marshmallow pet plushie!
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Name: Murasaki
Age: 15
Height: "5'0"
Personality: can be short-tempered and stubborn
likes: sweets, music, animals, purple
dislikes: being called short or made fun of for being short, sour stuff, pink, and being picked up by taller people
abilites: she is able to turn her arms into guns of, fighting, and able to control most technoligy
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name actually diadora.....prefers the name sky
likes:funny random people,candy,music
dislikes:bossy annoying people
abilties:sword figting,hand to hand combat 

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Name: Titana 
Age: 16
gender: female
Height: 5'7
personality: mean, sometimes rude, only nice to people i know, caring to nature, trusts no one and its hard to gain my trust, loving o some.
species: princess
likes: loves to spare with people, loves a good fight, loves my friends and nature loes the color red, brown and black
dislikes: when the strong pay on the weak, when people touch me when not wanted, hates the color pink
 abilites: i am a shapeshifter (shifts to the 2 girls in the pic) can control others mind and and physical movement in others, can fight with a sword and knives and is good at hand in hand combat.
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Name: Damien
Age: 18
gender: male
Height: 6'3"
personality: Very kind, but can be short-tempered at times, loves to help and always gets work done
species: Human
likes: Fighting, hunting, spying, science
dislikes: vegetables
abilites: one thing he knows is to fight. its his specialty and he enjoys using many weapons.

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Name: Yinatchi
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Species: Human
Likes: Making Friends and Gaming
Dislikes: Bully's 
Abilities: Create Water

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Name: Hatsune Miku
age: 14-16
personality: doesn't believe in sanity, crazy, scary (at times)
likes: blood
dislikes: just about everything/everyone
species: unknown
abilities: insanity (can bring you to use your own powers to kill your self)

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(lets get some rp going on, i'll post my character info then comment below if you want to rp with me)
Name: kashian
age: 14
height: 5'4
Personality: nice, shy, creative, weird, not to outgoing, nerd
Likes: pie, modern technology, sports, games
dislikes: meanies
Species: demon neko
Abilities: ~for me to know and for you to find out~

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this is me! that is my Dragon Shadowhunter. My Name is Nina. I's a Ninja

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Hi i'm new here! Thanks for the invite, here is my character! (I didn't really get the starters part so sorry if i mess up...... )
Name: Mhar
Age: 15/16
Height: 1.52
Likes: singing, drawing, reading manga, eating
Dislikes: waking up early, studying, cold
Personality: she can be very cold and sometimes even violent if you annoy her, but she's actually very sweet and cares a lot about her friends.
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