Wait... I completely forgot about this community. It's dead.

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Dear User,

Please, try this new game for Android. Free of charge.

Very useful for children and elder people.
Selecting the maximum number from sixteen
random generated numbers is a simple task,
if you are able to think fast ?

As fast the maximum number is selected,
as many points you get.
On non-maximum number selection,
zero points are assigned.

You have sixteen seconds to make your choice.

Train your brain of thinking faster.
A leader board shows the top high rated players.

Your rank is visible as well.

Here it is : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gapps.findmaxnumber&hl=en

Kind Regards,
The development team.

Jesus criminy why is everyone being promoted?

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Does anyone else here have a blog, website, or backloggery profile, where you post all of your achievements, completions, and progress?

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I play star wars battlefront, smite and warframe

Hey guys

I just wanted to thank everyone for joining! The first 100 people are made moderator. Thanks to you all.ο»Ώ

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