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Okay everybody! These are a bunch of pics for FunTime! I didn't draw these. Bacon Drop did. She is not dead, her mom just deleted her gmail account and so now I'm posting her stuff, until she gets a new one.
Durr is the Demon King. He's like a giant dragon thing. He took Conductor in when he was a young demon. Conductor was embarrassed by his own face and he bandaged it up to hide it. He has tentacles growing out of his right eye. He took of the bandages, put on his hat and put on an eye patch. He never takes off his hat.
The orange and yellowish fox is Jerry. In a nutshell, he's eaten by ghouls after being separated from his boyfriend Bruno.
Ree is an agender dog who can control fire. She's scared of the dark.
Sophia is a special species of bunny called gem bunnies. The gem on her forehead Is a symbol of strong royal blood.
Vain is the purple cat with the bandages over one eye. He got stabbed brutally as a kitten and it never really healed, until his anger and hatred for the world seemed to heal it itself. His eye that was hurt is now pupil-less
The next picture is of Conductor playing the piano. He's a master at it. He can play Night of Nights without looking at the piano.
Lime is my personal favorite. She loves gemstones and has a bit of a temper. She loves electronics and has a wierdish head shape compared to other cats. She loves knowledge. That's all until I get more pics sent! Have any questions about FunTime? Just ask! I'll be happy to answer any questions!

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