Here is a thought as you enter the new year. When we make New Year's resolutions, what about us really changes? Is it the fact that we want to see ourselves do better in this new year? Or is it the fact that we can't stand to see ourselves be the same? When you think of making any changes to yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, always remember that the changes you want to see in yourself come from results you've already been seeing. If you don't see any results from previous goals or resolutions, what's going to make this New Year's new resolutions be any different? To sum this all up I came to this realization and it can be applied to any area we want to see results.

We want Change when we see Results in others. But we usually see Results when we make the Change in ourselves. Results > Change

Keep in mind that it's always good to want to see change for improvement, just make sure the results follow!

I know for myself, it is so easy to get up in the morning, do what you normally do, and then live the day trying to keep your existence possible. But, I know that's not what my God has created me for. Sure, He wants me to please Him in everything I do and at least do it the best way I can, but there's a little more to life than just living, a.k.a. surviving. God wants me to be on a mission to reach the world through whatever talents He has given me. I personally work in the media industry, but that doesn't mean that I have to write all my music as Christian music, or make all my movies as Christian movies or heck, even write all my posts on social media relating to Christ. I just have to use my talents in the way that He gave them to me and use them to the best of my ability because He wants a job well done. Of course, what I create artistically should be honoring to Him whether it specifically mentions Him by name or not.

I just have to be sure that I am doing everything with a purpose. The last thing I want is for my whole life to have been wasted on myself and not used for others. We aren't here to live for ourselves anyway. We're here because God is allowing us to live every day for a reason. Make that reason worth something.

Jesus In You
Ricky Allen ©

Some wear a cross as a charm
Others have a sticker on their car
Some wear a bracelet on their wrist
Others have it tattooed on their fist

Some have a patch on their vest
Others say King James is the best
Some have his picture on their wall
But none of this does me any good at all

I want to see Jesus in you
And know
What he brought you through
I want to see Jesus in you
So I will know
He can help me too

Some have a fish on their cap
Others have a Bible in their lap
Some buy all Christian cd’s
Others just watch it on TV

Some talk about him to their friends
Others act like they’ve never sinned
Some write about him on the net
But none of this has ever helped me yet

I want to see Jesus in you
And know
What he brought you through
I want to see Jesus in you
So I will know
He can help me too

Having Jesus on your shirt
Has never helped me when I hurt
If it’s just letters that I read
That’s not the Jesus that I need
I want to see Jesus in you
And know
What he brought you through
I want to see Jesus in you
So I will know
He can help me too

The opportunities around us for witnessing are so many, but sometimes we don't see them because we are so busy with life, college, jobs, family, friends, etc. I need to work better at this, but I encourage everyone to go out and look for the opportunities.

One of my favorite witnessing songs unfortuanaly I couldn't find free down load but PLEASE READ LYRICS

Who's gonna take the shield of faith out into the ghettos and witness to the street gangs of the night?
Who's gonna be the bold one to tell the pimps and the prostitutes the affection that they crave is found in Christ?
Who'll take the breastplate of righteousness into this country's schools and preach holiness to every boy and girl?
Well, it's you and it's me who'll witness for the Savior, and be the light of Jesus to the world. 

Tell me who'll walk strong and tall and gird their loins with truth and stand and say "abortion is a sin"?
Who will confront the politicians with all of their deception and say in heaven, God won't let liars in?
Who'll take the helmet of salvation out into Wall Street and teach wealth is more than cars, diamonds and pearls?
Well, it's you and it's me who'll take the cross of Calavary and be the light of Jesus to the world. 

Because it's you and it's me, we are the world's examples, our govenrment won't teach us how to pray. Tell me when was the last time you witnessed to your neighbor and told him that Jesus is the way? 

Because they're dying out in Vegas, they think gambling's the answer.
In Hollywood, they're lost in lust for fame.
The homosexual in San Francisco's trapped in vile bondage, and in Miami, drugs still play their hellish game.
Someone has to walk this gospel of peace throughout our nations. Our TV game shows won't clear out our jails.
Because it's you and it's me who'll bear the lamp of God and be the light of Jesus to world. I said it's you and it's me, we're still called his disciples, who'll be the bring the light of Jesus to the world?

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just 1st vs and chorus of sample 
sample of a lyric
when was the last time you witnessed to someone on the street
when was the last time you gave a homeless man something to eat
when was the last time you helped out the lonely old
when was the last time you sheltered some one from the cold 
The time is now
to show them we love them 
the time is now we cant sit and judge them 
the time is now 
to show them that Jesus 
can pick up 
life's broken pieces 

What do you think is the number one reason/excuse people don't do missions or be a missionary where they are? I think it's because people view it as an inconvenience and a time waster.
What do you think?

Dont know if I really have a favorite. I guess it depends on the situation I'm in I love Psalms 139 and 142 and Isaiah 6, but I guess the verse that stays with me the most is Romans 5:8 That is pure love how a holy God can love wretched sinners 

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If you say you're a Christian. Then these people want you to hear this.  Music needs spiced up, But I do what I can :/
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