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Welcome, Ladies and Gents! This is Corpse Bride RP! Here, you can do any RP as long it has to do with Corpse Bride. You can make a profile if you want to! Well, I must look for Emily. Bye!
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Name: Sayuki Azumi

Gender Female

Age: 14

Species: Human

Occupation: none

Rank: Royal

Personality: quiet, afraid, shy. cute/adorable/sweet, athletic, very intelligent and mysterious

Likes: Her plush cat, singing, writing songs, playing piano/violin, drawing, cats, the stars, her parents and butler she lost, Gothic-Lolita(and other Lolita styles)/ Pastel Goth , wearing chokers, ...

Dislikes: Kidnappers, perverts

Bio/Backstory: She is the royal child of the most known royal couple in japan...
She was with her parents in london to visit the queen(In friendship)...
...While walking she saw a tall strange looking man, she left the hands of her parents, followed the man until she lost him out of sight and no longer knew where she was ...
She lost her parents with 2 years and saw them never again...
A strange man appears, and kidnapped her...
A month later the police found the missing child with a tall, blond haired man, with blue eyes and a black suit beside her....
....He desspairs a few weeks later and a young man brings her somewhere it's safe
After her parents never heard of her daughter again...she was declared for dead.
Today she hides her real name.
Now she gets called "The Black Lady“

Drawing and MMD models of Sayuki made by me
(Making models is pretty hard-_-")

(Is it ok if I add Soundtracks I found for her?)



Her voice :
Or this: 
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Name: Victor Van Dort
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Personality: shy, kind, loving, and musical
Likes: Emily, Victoria, and butterflies
Dislikes: being afraid and messing up
Crush: Emily and Victoria
Bio: writes about my life
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Name: Arminera Newgate
Dead/alive: ghost/spirit of the seven seas
Personality: Lonely, broken, hotheaded, warm-hearted, caring
Dislikes: greedy sailors, war, pollution
Likes: the sea, kind sailors, the stars

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Name: Emile Groom
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Crush: female Victor
Likes: art, music, dancing, and piano
Dislikes: Betrayal, heartache, and my former fiance
Bio: My fiance murdered me to get my money.
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