+Metal Fun+Funtime Freddy+lolbit the fox​ Freddy's animatronics and where to find them 3 enjoy!

+lolbit the fox+Funtime Freddy
Welcome to the movie called Freddy fazbears animatronics and where to find them 2 enjoy!

+lolbit the fox+Funtime Freddy+Funtime Foxy+Metal Fun+Manglelover 350+Night Mares
+Rarity Dazzlings

This is my movie called Freddy's Animatronics and where to find them enjoy!

Narater: welcome to Freddy's original place, and what you didn't know was that there were beasts!

Do your lines

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Thanks for inviting me

+Funtime Freddy​ here's ideas for the sister location movie!

Nightguard: who are you?
Enard:jumpscares the nightguard!

Like it?

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