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Welcome To Kyūden! Another Roleplaying community brought to you by Seiji and +Kurumi​!

『 What Is NGNL God's Domain ?』

NGNL God's Domain is a roleplaying community based around the Idea of Gods, and Games.

『 The plot?』

This is a world structured like a video game. Where there a monsters, dungeons. bosses, and Final battles. People who go out and take on these risk of clearing the dungeons, and defeating these Monsters are titled "Gamers" Or, Adventures if you prefer, and the stronger they become, they said they have "Leveled up". There are also gods in this world as well. 5 of them as of now. The God Of Calamity, Time and Space, Dimensions, Demons, the Heavens and Nightmares. Those who Clear all 100 Floors become "A God". There are also Gamers who can have the ability to transform into a weapon. A single person can turn into 1-9 Different weapons, Some of the gods use "Vessels" are they're called, as their weapon.

『How will this work?』

There will be a boss on every 5 Floors, and there's a mini boss before each of these bosses.

『Ways to Level up』

Duels with other players | 3 matches = 2 Levels
Fights with the monsters | 10 Monsters killed = 1 Level
Killing mini-bosses | 1 Mini Boss killed = 1 level
Killing a boss | 1 Boss killed = 5 Levels
Killing other Gamers | 1 Gamer killed = -7 Levels

*If you kill other players, then You have committed a "Sin". If you can enough players to get to -100 Levels, then you will become an Anti-God. Someone with an insane amount of power, but is "Evil" and will be wanted dead by others.


In the Description!

『Categories 』
Ruben Village - The small village for those levels 1-10
Elder City - A moderately Big City for those Levels 11-20
Kiyoko City - A City where those come to dual, practice magic, and relax. For all levels
Shi City - A Place for those who are ready for any and all attacks, Levels 31-40 or higher.
Alchemist Center- Where those come to practice Alchemy, or again -- To relax. A huge city where you can have a lot of fun. Levels Levels 41-50 or higher.
Clock Square Tower - One of Velder's landmarks that is untouched by Demons. Levels 51-60 or higher.
Velder Village - A Village Overran with demons, But they are good for leveling up. Levels 61-70 or higher
Sander City - A Huge city with portals to teleport you from one place to the next. Levels 71-80 or higher.
Wind Stone Ruins - A Landmark with Stones and and ancient writing stuck into the ground. It's a nice place to relax and look at. Levels 81-90 or higher.
Lanox City - A burning City with temperatures that'll make you wanna leave if you aren't man enough! Levels 91-100.

God Realms - Those are gods, or the god's weapon can post here. It's like their own little dimension, those who would like to challenge these gods can post here too

Death Realm - Those who have died post here. This is where they spend their after life in, or they can become a ghost. People who have died can only post in the death Realm unless they are a ghost

Duels - Where people go to face against other Gamers in a battle. It can be 1 v 1, or a team battle, Death's here aren't permeate, and anyone who dies in the match is atomically brought back to life.

Dungeons - If you're up to it, this is where you go to try and complete the dungeons. Just mark what floor you're on when you first make the post.

Rest Area's - In the middle of the dungeon. (after Every 5 floors) there's a rest area. You can restore Your energy and health here.
『Open Slots』
God of Calamity - Open
God of Calamity's weapon - Open
God of Demons - Open
God of Demons's weapon - Open
God Of Nightmares - Open
God Of Nightmares Weapon - +Shiki Shimi
God Of Time And Space - +Glave
God Of Time And Space's Weapon - Open
Goddess Of The Heavens - +Kimizu kurtigya

~Profile template~

~Armor List~

Other communities we've made!

_*P.A.I.N. Academy [Official] * _

Kingdom Hearts 『Immanity』


_Thank you once again for joining, enjoy your stay!_

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Are you, YEAH YOU GONNA BRING THI COMMUNITY BACK. . .What?. . .No? Ight Slaps You YEAH YOU WILL! AND IF YOU DON'T, Then you don't I guess-
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Damn Dude.

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Oliver is busy at work on some type of items, shes grabbing a few different items and placed them out onto the floor Alright lets see if I can get this to work this time....

She put her hands together and stared intently at the items, her hands softly glowed as the items started to levitate Ah! Its working!

As she broke focus the items blew up and created a large black smoke Oh shit She coughs damn....back to square one...
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Name (birth): Ophinah June King

Name (preferred): Oliver King

Nickname: Olli.

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Weapons: Two Katana short blades, two sets of knife holders (Which holds up to ten knifes)

Quote: If I told you I'm lonely I'd be lying. The voices in my head never stop. The only thing really this body....

Race: (Soul-less human) Host of the sins.

Occupation: Hired killer/Murder.

Backstory: Too complicated for you basic humans.

Personality (split): Green personality: kind, forgiving, lustful, emotions, foodie, talented in singing and dance. Blue personality: insane, bloodthirsty, unforgiving, less emotions, unable to feel as much pain physically and mentally. Both states of Mind are Yandere however

Likes: flirting, drinking, humor, battles, animals, Senpai.

Dislikes: people flirting with senpai, people getting too close to senpai, people dating senpai, having her knives taken away.

Pet/ companion: Wandy, a demon that lives inside of Oliver who is said to be one of the 7 council members of hell, and the third most powerful Arch Demon.

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Senpai: (none yet)

Lover/my senpai: (none yet)

Attacks: very melee based until extremely angered

Hair color: Red (Unless dead, then it's white)

Hair length: Down to her lower back

Eye color: ( here's where the green and blue personality comes in) Normal eye color: emerald green, Yandere/insane/Battle mode color: blue.
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Alexandra was walking around the village as she was pondering on what to do. She continued to walk around until she thought of going on an adventure with another person. Since she preferred to go with someone since she had a bigger chance of dying if she went alone. And that's when she bumped into you.
"Hey! Watch were your going!" You looked down to a small girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes, who looked about 10 years old. You then...
(Just I know it's cliche but I'm just bored... So I don't really care. Open RP)

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A Girl with long red hair smiles softly looking up at the sky as she sits on the edge of a cliff that is over a large grassy field near the Ruben Village. She seemed a easy target for attack or maybe a chance at a new friend?

She seems to be talking to her self, or maybe even singing? If you came closer youd hear her.

The flowers of the new

and laughter of the past

They're beautiful like you

Beauty unsurpassed

Gone with a whisper

You fall asleep like death

Breaking through the earth

Your smile shines again

( full song: )

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~『Kyūden 』~
Profile Template.
_ 『Gamer』_
((One who travels the land for Glory, To become Strong and have the world knows his name, To become a god, To just explore the world, or just for the hell of it!))

Name: Kura Futo
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Weapon: Wooden Sword
Armor: beginners set
Current level: 1
Sexuality: straight
Likes/Dislikes: I like adventuring! And fighting, I don't dislike anything
Speices: Human
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I'll make my profile soon!

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~『Kyūden 』~
Profile Template.
"I follow the path I believe in, not the way others make me follow."

Name~ "My name is Alexandra. Alexandra Dustine but, you can call me Alexa for short."

Age~ "I'm actually 13 years old. I'm just really short so I may look like a 10 year old to you."

Gender~ "Are you blind!?! I'm a girl!"

Weapon~ "I usually use my bow, but when I don't have any more arrows I use my chisa katana."

Armor~ "I use the beginner's armor."

Current level~ "I'm currently level 1, I just started."

Sexuality~ "I'm straight."

Bio (Optional)~ "I rather not talk about it.. It's too p.p..personal."

Likes/Dislikes~ "Likes and dislikes? Well... I like sweets, having fun, and going on adventures! I don't like annoying people who think high and mighty of themselves, having nothing to do, sour food, and the dark. I know it's silly but I'm afraid of the dark..."

Species~ "I'm a gamer."
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