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Cannon ships of the group so far:
PirateFairy (James Swan x Captain Zerina)
Ethelsa (Ethan x Elsa, reference though)
Hailgar (Adgar x Hailey)
Vatthew (Vega x Matthew)
PirateQueen (Edward x Aida) 

Aida arose from a pond. She didn't know where she was, plus she was cold and wet. Aida stepped out of the water squeezing the water from her clothes. Where am I?


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Name: Moana
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Funny, Brave, Courageous, Optimistic, Kind.
Power: None
Likes: the Ocean, adventures, Maui.
Dislikes: Pirates, the Coca Mora, hurricanes, loosing sense of direction.
Weapons: A wooden paddle, and a long sword given to her by Aida.
Gear: a canoe.
Goal: Help Aida find her lost daughter, named after me.
Bio: Moana has always been drawn to the water, but her father, who was the chief, didn't want her to go beyond the reef. But fate took her by surprise and long story short, she saved her Island with the help of the demigod Maui and the entire ocean. Aida, known as the Voyager in the pacific islands, has visited Moana's home island many times, and now, Aida needs her help.
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((I have a lot to recreate.))

Name: Aida Kenway
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, Fierce, Optimistic, Courageous, Adventurous, Protective.
Place of Origin: Nubia
Power: Fire and Dragon Whisperer.
Family: Captain Edward Kenway (Husband), Moria Kenway (Daughter)
Weapons: Long swords.
Gear: Pics below
Likes: Edward, her family, keeping her loved ones safe, the sea, the beach, adventure, pleasant people.
Dislikes: Templars, unable to protect her family, unpleasant people, hurricanes, rogue waves, hangovers.
Bio: They met in another world, and their differences brought them together.
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As midnight nears, I fall into a deep sleep. So far all has gone smoothly.

((Continued, +Jason McAllen​))

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Name: Moria Kenway, the Pirate Princess
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Playful, Clever, Witty, Smart, Friendly, Courageous.
Power: Eagle Sense
Place of Origin: The Carribean
Family: Edward Kenway ((Father)).
Occupation: Navigator
Likes: The ocean, being a pirate, successful bombardments.
Dislikes: Enemy pirates, British soldiers, Spanish garrisons.
Weapons: A sharp-ended fencing foil, two daggers, a pistol, a sling-shot, two hidden blades, a long rifle.
Bio: None of your bloody business.
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I watch you, holding your hands as we lay down in bed, enjoying the moment.

((Closed to +Seraphina Opress​))

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((Redoing my profile. Couldn't get the old pics back))

Name: Zarina
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Personality: clever, smart, skilled, sly.
Place of Origin: Neverland
Power: Flying
Occupation: Captain of the Black Pearl
Likes: The sound of the ocean, taking other ships, James.
Dislikes: Enemy pirates, the British, violent storms.
Bio: Oh, I wouldn't want to trouble you with that.
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Would anyone like to be Captain Zerina for me? So I can have the "PirateFairy" ship storyline going on?

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She appeared in the night, and I swore I she was different. A angel of light. I will do whatever I can to save her light, even if I wasn't supposed to feel this way. But that bloody fantastic fairy has stolen my heart. Zerina the Co Captain of the Black Pearl.
-Captain James Swan, Neverland, day 14.

She's able to turn into human size. As well as the others.
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