Okay guys sorry I haven't written in a while i am just with school and all so that is it but anyways the first part will be Capricorn side of the story with Aquarius and the second part is with pisces and cancer.

Capricorn: ughhh dude let me go I need to go talk to her!!!

Aquarius: Nooooo you got aggressive with her and plus what is going on? Why was she yelling at you? Did you want to have... You know with her but she didn't?

Capricorn: noooo it nothing about that plus not yet. She is mad at me because I kissed her for no reason and wanted to know why I kissed her and I said she should be happy but now she knows I loved libra and I don't love her but she loves me!!!

Aquarius: Dude are you serious! You don't do that with girls and kiss them for no reason. You are misleading her and if she loves you you should love her but if you just like her then there is no point in making her beleive you love her when you really Don't. That is cruel in a way and you should never mislead a girl. Especially pisces she is really special and deserves better than anyone so if you really want her then make her believe that you do and do things!!

Capricorn: but dude!!! Ughhhhh fine you are right I guess I was doing it all wrong and I .... Don't love her I just wanted .... Her body... Sorry bro

Aquarius: you whattttt!!!!...... Why ....! Why would you just want her body is that all you see in her .....!!!😡😡😡😡 dudeeeeee you go say sorry to her and it has to be real and if you don't want to then leave.... Because if you know the past of pisces ..... You wouldn't just like her for her body and looks but for her big heart that she has!!😡😡😡❤

Capricorn: okay okay dont get mad! What is her past .... What happened ? Did she get raped or what ??? 😒

Aquarius: okay you want to know!! Well she was raped by her dad when she was 15!!! Also boys would ask her to be their girlfriend and you know what??? This is sick..... But....😭😭 they would want to have sex with her. She would always have that problem with boys and you are all wondering why you She wants to know why you kissed her .... Pshhh if you would know You wouldn't have done that!!!😡😡😡

Capricorn: Are you serious !! Dude I have to go .... I have to go say sorry and ..... Tell her the truth!!

Aquarius : Okay but hurry up and I will drive you back to the house tomorrow have everything packed to leave tomorrow !!

(Capricorn walks to room 613, the room where pisces is in with cancer and knocks)
Cancer: Oppppeeeennnn!!!!
(Capricorn walks in)
Cancer: what are you doing in here get outtttt!!! I dont want to see your face!!!

Capricorn: wait Can I talk to pisces first I have to tell get something ..... Please I need to .... It is important!!!
Cancer: hmmmm.........
Okay guys well I am leaving you with a cliff hanger !!! Haha sorry I just love then and it is pretty cool bye and I hope you enjoyed knowing pisces past!!😓👋👋😝😝

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Oh guys I miss the old times of me and magic haha😭😭😜😜😍😍😍

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Superb #Decmber 😳😳😳

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Look this was me and my friends in my sister's quinceanera last month
I was in her court I loved it and it was sooooo fun

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I dare you to do the "all about me" Challenge
✌️Full name✌:
😳Single or taken😳:
❤️Favorite color❤️:
😝Girl best friend:
👨‍👩wanna have kids👨‍👩‍👧:
🙎🏽if so how many🙎 :
♒️Zodiac sign♒️:
☕️Last drank☕️:
💀Goth,emo or both💀:
💄Makeup or no💄:
❤Need a BF/GF❤:
🐱Cat or dog🐶:
😈Evil or good👼🏼:
⚽️Favorite sport🏀:
🐼Favorite animal🐨:
🙅🏽do you have haters🙅:
😂Funny or nahh 😂:
📱Apple or samsung📱:
Now tag 10 people you nominated💕 I'll leave a clean copy in the comments

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I am totally ready for this ask away

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