Hi my name is ann. I've been suffering with depression since 2010 & had my 1st hospital admission in 2011. Since then I've been admitted 4 times and am just home one week following my most recent admission which was 11weeks in duration. I'm finding it very hard to adjust to being home and back in the 'real world'. I find I had great support as an inpatient but now it's a case of make it on your own which is hard. Sure I have family & friends but they don't want to be around a sad Ann so I have to keep up face that I'm home & I'm grand now. When truth is I'm still recovering.

Hi!  My name is Mark, otherwise known to many as Mongo.  Back in the 1990's, I was diagnosed with a mood disorder and was quite confused because I had no real concept of mood disorders and other mental illness.

In my quest for information, I came across a mailing list called Walkers in Darkness, which was started by a guy named Dave Harmon in 1991.  "Walkers" was just a bunch of folks who shared one thing in common:  We all suffered from some type of mental illness and wanted to get information, support and a better understanding of ourselves so we could more effectively work on getting better. 

In my own case, just being able to talk with people who weren't going to look at me differently, when I shared the kinds of things that were on my mind, was very therapeutic.  It helped me enough that, when Dave Harmon said he wanted to find someone to help with the behind-the-scenes work of managing the list, I offered to help and eventually ended up running it, so David could take a break from the work.

As technology and the group itself advanced, we added a web site (which was around before Google itself even existed), discussion forums and live chat rooms.

At one point, we even incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and tried to expand the program.

In 2009, I had other health issues which got in the way of running an organization, so I had to back off for a while and Walkers In Darkness ceased to exist as an entity.

Now, almost 2013, the old "Walkers" may not exist, but the spirit that made our program successful and helpful still does.

So does the need for a place where people who are afflicted can come and talk, without stigma.

So, I am starting anew with a new name, new site and a similar mission.

Welcome to Mood Support Network!  I hope you will be comfortable here and will help me build a new organization.  In the meantime, please use this community to discuss the things that are happening in your life and share support with those who come here seeking it.

Take Care.

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