Can I be Sam's daughter?

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Name: Ashlyne
Relationship status: taken
Taken by: Dean winchester
Face claim: Ashley tisdale
Age: same as dean

Bio: was Dean's old friend from college

((Anyone wanna rp?))

((Hey guys. I'm a Dean. You all know him. Lemme know if you wanna do a rp sometime :) ))

Kamryn, who's a school girl during the day and an awesome hunter genius at night, cut her hair really short and dyed it black and hott pink........ and its awesome just like she is!!!

sorry no role ply

Kamryn and Elizabeth split up and Kamryn decides to team up with her bud Belladonna Chaos for a hunt 

Belladonna isn't showing it seems

just set the bait for the vamps..... its gonna draw them like flies to a dead body....
well, there'll be flies.......... and plenty of bodies

another body, teenage girl about 16, was found with her throat ripped out, her heart eaten, and a ritual engraving on their skulls
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