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Name: Delsin Rowe
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of origin: Earth
Alignment: None yet. Just like in the games he starts off being neutral.
Bio: After living what could be considered a normal life as a grafitti artist and a local delinquint of the Akomish Reservation, Delsin discovers that he is a Conduit after touching a Department of Unified Protection (or D.U.P. for short) captive named Hank. This action activates Delsin's respective powers, and he quickly begins to realize that he has the unique ability to absorb any other Conduit's powers after touching them. 

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Name: Gumball Watterson
Age: 13
Gender: Male
World Origin: Earth
Likes: Video Games (Im Lazy) Slouching On The Couch
Dislikes: School
Bio: im a cat

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hello, im also here with darwin

for some reason he mad

You know, I'm kinda tired of not having people post here, POST SHIT!

Jack Discordia slowly marched his way through the ruined town of Boreal Deimos. This town had once been a thriving town of the north, known for it's impressive array of structures, which were styled in an odd combination of Italian, French, and German architecture. The highest building stood at for stories, the lowest a single story. Snow glistened as it coated the streets, roads, and rooftops like dust on an old model of a town. Buildings were in shambles, some with roofs caving in, others just destroyed entirely. In the distance loomed the castle of Boreas, the once humble ruler over this land, now long deceased. The Discordian made his way through this town, humming an old Irish medley to himself. He wore a long black winters coat over a white T- Shirt, his pants darkbrown, his shoes black sneakers. He had a mop of light blonde hair and cold sapphire eyes. He kept his hands in his pockets, ignoring the freezing cold and chilling whispers of the deceased in his ears
(One only, I will repost. Magic is allowed. Nothing too overpowered please.)

I dunno why I got invited here

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Could you make a "Other Universe" Category..?

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Name- Luna
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Weapons- Moon, sword
Motto- " Don't care "
Bio- she was abandoned by her parents because they feared her just like everyone else. So she loved life alone and now she live alone. One day her village was attacked and she saved it, but the people still feared her.
Side- Freedom Fighters
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