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I'm Tom from Wichita, Kansas.  I write historical fiction, essays, short fiction, children's books, short fiction for adults, teenagers and children and poetry.  I'm pleased to be part of the writing group.
Take care!

Not sure when you all go live but I would like to go ahead and let you all know that I am in high school, so my availability is somewhat limited.

Updates: I've been traveling again. This time I'm working for the next few months in Singapore. It's going to be more of a challenge to be awake for the next hangout, but I'll do it :)

Reminder: Our first meeting is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow. Well, I say tentatively, but I plan to be around for it even if we don't have any pieces submitted. If you have something you'd like the rest of the group to critique, please submit it to the "Hangout #1" category. If all of this is a bit confusing (it still is for me), join the hangout anyway. Since this is our first, we can spend some time chatting and helping each other understand how to use the group. See you tomorrow.

Nothing has helped and motivated me more than going to meet in-person with other writers and critique each other's work. But for those of us who live abroad or in a small town that's often not an option. Let's recreate the experience (or as close as we can get) with regularly scheduled Google+ Hangouts!

I currently live in Cali, Colombia where I write short fiction. I've just started writing a science fiction novel and hope to share it with you in the hangouts.

How It Works

- Every 2 weeks up to 10 of us will meet for 1-2 hours (depending on the number of participants).
- To reserve your spot, you'll submit a piece for critique at least 24 hours before the hangout of up to 3,000 words.
- Before the hangout, you'll read the other pieces that were submitted (up to 9 others) and make any notes on what you want to share.
- When the hangout begins, we'll spend 15 minutes or so getting to know each other and chatting about the latest news in the writing world. Then, for the next 45+ minutes we'll go around the group and critique each piece of writing. Be prepared to take notes on the feedback you receive!

Q: What types of writing are allowed?
A: There are no limits on the type or content of writing, just the length (3,000 words).

Q: What type of critique is allowed/encouraged?
A: Any form of constructive criticism is allowed. That doesn't mean that you have to be nice and only give positive feedback. Negative feedback is often more useful for a writer, but be aware that people receive negative feedback more readily when it's sandwiched between positive feedback (e.g. "Here is what I liked, here is what I didn't, here's some encouragement to continue.").

Q: Do I have to critique everyone's work?
A: No. If you are uncomfortable providing feedback on a particular piece, you can decline to comment. However, you do need to read everyone's work before joining the hangout (up to 9 pieces). And if you're consistently silent on the hangouts, you might be asked to give up your slot to others in the following hangout.

Q: How do I submit my work/reserve my spot?
A: Share your work to the current hangout category. For example, to join the 1st hangout you'd find the "Hangout #1" category in the left sidebar, click it, and then post a brief description of the work and a link to a PDF or Google Document. To upload and share a link to your PDF, you can use Google Drive or Dropbox (for example). Make sure that the sharing settings are set to public or "anyone with the link".

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This is a piece I've taken to an in-person writing group before. I'll probably change it soon to the first part of the novel I'm working on, but I wanted to post an example of how this is going to work.

Share your availability. Reply to this thread with which timezone you're in and which days/times work the best for you.
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