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I am Black Warch

The watcher on the wall

And protector of the realm.

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June 08-2013:
TO: The Editor
Guyana Is A Multicultural Society!

There was once a time long ago in our history when we could identify any of the SIX ethnic groups within our national culture. Today, that is not so clearly identified.
The Indian and Black predominance is also being diluted, making it ridiculous for any rational Guyanese with the visual ability of sight to say without any doubt, that we are now more or less a Truly Multi-Ethnic people.

For those Guyanese (politicians included), who still use the ethnic platform to create superficial divisions, or to gain sympathetic votes. I say you are being called out for your wicked ways, and collective mischief making actions.
We can no longer tolerate this kind of divisive manipulation  of our minds and actions, by those bent on making a buck politically, socially, or economically.
We hear at home and on the world's stage that education is the key to economic and social progress in any Democracy or democratic leaning state. And I totally agree with this observation and reality. But education alone is not enough. We as a collective MUST join the vanguard to promote unity in our schools, neighborhoods, communities, and mainstream levels. 
When we travel abroad, (those who can), must also sell our culture in a very positive light. On FaceBook, Twitter, Friendfeed, MySpace, and at every social event we find ourselves too. Not only the negative, but the positive aspects. And last but not least, encourage and engage dialogue with Guyanese at every Social, Cyber, and International level.
Let us all resolve to make a personal contribution towards the economic, social, societal, and political development of our beautiful country Guyana Today, Tomorrow, Un-waveringly!

Derryck S. Griffith.
Guyanese, New York City.
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