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Initial Coin Offering
Pre ICO Round 2 End in 1 days
Exocoin Pre ICO Round 2 is Ending Soon!

Start Now:

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Unique in the altcoin industry:
Ilgamos is bringing out its own crypto currency, #ILCoin.
Real WALLET-real COIN-real product! ILCoin already exist! OUR ILCOIN WALLET is ready and downloadable.ILCoin:same technologie as Bitcoin (SHA-256 method). Mining and distribution will be under exclusive Ilgamos control;Ilgamos partners, as miners, will benefits from ILCoin trading and price increases;  Outstanding profit outlook – low mining costs and difficulty levels at these early stages; Duble profit play: OPRs&ILCOIN .Get OPRs and see their number quadruple:multiplies your profit potential! (OPRs value increased from 0.10 euros in January, the value of  OPRs 1.36 euro in May!)  OPR's quadrupled for EVERY partner in bonus program!
Cash,Gold and Digital Currency in one clever system. Bitcoin accepted here!
For details and FREE registration please visit my page:
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