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This creeps me out

Sits alone in the hallway way the lunch room crying becouse of bullys. They hate me for no reason they dont care for the fragile. Thry broke my mined. Cuts all over me bleeding on the floor. I try to heal but its no use .

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you wake up on a sandy beach. in front of you, an ocean. for anyone who can see extremely far, they notice it just stops after about a hundred miles. Anyone who has been to hell or some abyssal plane is getting a familiar, and bad feeling

I was crying in The hall and scraches on me and burn marks because The cool kids hate me and I dont know why,they came back and kicked ME and I just started going nightmare and scared them to death and it did not help when they keeped saying bad things about my family and they know i was homeless now so they keeped it comming....

I Was sitting alone at a table at lunch and someone pord milk on my head and Laughs and me sitting there soking wet in milk forse choked them acrose the room and when they got limp i let go and went back to eating my food. ......

i sit at lunch alone playing on my phone and playing the song darkness and magic and humming to it like a bass

I walk in The gym i See peaple that i have seen before and they seen me and started laughing at me and I just stared at Them and they turned around and I just sat at The wall and put my headset on and lisened to The sound of silents (its a song)

When The class was done I went to find somewhere to use my powers so i Can get stuff my back but I Was pushed in to a wall and beaten to death and I Was bleeding,sitting there weak crying alone

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I messed up on posting sorry....
After i got Done talking i want to find my class but I Can not find it and I just gave up and sat Down by a wall and got my sketch book out and started drawing and humming a random Song

First day at The high school, i walk in The main Doors and some one pushes me Down and laughs, i float off The ground using my powers to pick my stuff up and walks by The person who laughing at me and looked at Hem with my bright blue eyes and for a sec turns them Black with red in The middle
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