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How Does Google's Local Search Algorithm Work?
What are the top factors

An interesting research that shows what might be the top correlated factors when it comes to #Google and #LocalSEO . An interesting missing factor that is missing according to me is the on-page elements and URL optimisation.

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#Google’s Local Search Algorithm Is Rolling Out To UK, Canada, And Australia.
#LocalSEO #GoogleAlgorithm

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I was able to attend the #InsideLocal  #Webinar today and I learned lots of pretty cool things. I took some notes and I included a couple of resources all #SEO's need to know about. I hope you can use this stuff!
What I learned in the #InsideLocal #Webinar today

1. No more descriptors in the Business Name. i.e Bacon Emporium:  Bacon Delivery on the West Side (luckily for my clients and I, we didn't bite that hook back then!).

2. Categories need to be precise (as possible), relevant. Use  +Mike Blumenthal's category list.

3. Single location business G+ pages should link to the home page. If you have multiple business pages in G+, link them to the location landing pages in your site. However, the homepage should be the default when you don’t know what to do.

4. #Reviews! Of course, reviews are huge and are a known #RankingFactor . Google is experimenting with stripping down reviews in the Knowledge Graph to better drive conversions.

5. A Google+ Business Page that is fully filled out and is responding to reviews, both bad and good, generally receives better user engagement and response. This really does work, so fill your pages all the way out!

6. Use great images in your Google+ Page. They drive conversions.

7. Post at least once every 21 days in your Google+ business page. The Knowledge Graph drops posts that appear for branded searches after 3 weeks of inactivity. Post, post, post….

8. Link Building, that is good link building, is still as important as ever. Also, proper Schema Markup is important. #Silo your website. Don’t know what Siloing is? Ask and ye shall receive:

9. Are your citations in order? They’d better be…

10. Lower authority links from your local area can be very beneficial. They are easy to get and when they add up, you will be rewarded.

11. Events. Use these features in your social media profiles when you can. They can be highly successful.

12. Finally, do good SEO.

Great webinar, +Myles Anderson, +Greg Gifford  +Susan Hallam  and +Casey Meraz! Very, very informative! Add these guys and gal to your circles.

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Green Light Fever: Do You Have It?

If you use the #YoastSEOPlugin , you know exactly what I am talking about. I thought I was cured, but, sometimes I fall victim to making the light #Green, just to avoid a long drawn out chat with the client about why the light is not green... 

All of my #Wordpress clients are getting this.

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Introducing Pinterest Rich Pins: Schema Markup for Your Business Pins!

Has anybody got any experience with this? 

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Doing local SEO? Check out this list of 40+ local seo tools to make your life easier :)

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How #SEO really works? Look at this #InfographicOfTheDay , it defines better @

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GOOGLE LAUNCHES NEW PIGEON UPDATE (Local Search Update) — how does it affect your website? A great post by +LinkAssistant explaining what "Pigeon" is, how it affects your rankings and how to adapt your SEO strategy for the changes.

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Google My Business PIN Verification Hiccup - Verification PIN Arrives But GMB Won't Allow You To Verify The Business

A week and a half ago, I sent out a verification postcard to one of my clients to get their business verified in Google My Business. I received the PIN this weekend. This morning when I tried to enter it in, GMB wanted me to send out another PIN postcard. Nowhere to enter in the PIN I had just received.

I called Google (rather, I had them call me). They told me that a PIN number will become invalid if you do any of the following when waiting on the PIN number:

1. Changes to the Business Address
2. Changes to the business phone number
3. Addition or subtraction of any business categories
4. Changes to the business email address

The Google rep said that about the only thing you can safely do while awaiting the PIN is add images.

From now on, I am making it my policy to completely ignore the Google My Business listing once the PIN is sent out. It's not worth the extra time and frustrated clients that are created when this kind of thing happens.

Why wouldn't Google just disable these things until the listing is verified? Hopefully this'll get ironed out soon....

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