I stand outside training on a practice dummy

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Name:Karkat Vantas
Age:16 (In Earth Years)

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Name:Aaron woods
Nickname:one shot
Occupation:current slave owner and professional hacker(hacks bank accounts)
Bio:retired special forces sniper and mob boss used to control New York wife killed in a drive by shooting
Birth location:unknown
Reputation:somewhat kind to obedient slaves and never misses a shot
Favorite weapon: semi-auto, anti-material sniper equipped with a specially designed skin to rifle
Current income:12,987,237
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name: sollux last name: moonlight

age: 17 immortal

gender: female

appearance:same as the pic and she has bandages over her left eye cuz she got stabbed in her eye by a hunter

wanted for: going on a killing spree

wanted: dead are alive

bounty: $100,000 she tries not to let anybody know about it

spices: vampire/troll/demon cat with two forms/neko with two forms/ succubus/can turn into a bat /part shape shifter but does not know im part shape shifter

height: 5'4”

likes: fighting at times...Blood....the dark....being wounded sometimes....the night....aggressiveness....wearing the her favourite outfit...like's the color black

dislikes: demon and vampire hunters and bounty hunter cuz I'm wanted by any hunter and her cousin

bio: i was killed years ago i came back as a troll then got turned in to a vampire and a demon cat i don't like to talk about how i died so don't ask it's just full of bad memories of how i died well thats pretty much all the memories i have i don't know about what heppen before i got cought and killed and my blood color is yellow has a secret form i use from time to time to hide from demon and vampire hunters got turned into the mixed race I am cuz of my cousin he came to me after I died when I was human he said he was my cousin I believed him. But only to be lied to he used me as a experiment but I escaped years ago he is still after me I think and got stabbed in her left eye with a dagger by a hunter the dagger had a poison on it so the wound cant heal fast im also looking for a new master one that can help tame me at times

Pet:a cat named jasper she is a ghost cat

powers: telekinesis and the power to heal

weapons: a sword and scythe plus i can turn into a scythe

personality: kind and a little shy at times mostly pissed off at times is deppressed and suicidal starting to go insane again piss me off ill kill you but don't let that fool you i am good at fighting and i sometimes loos control of my self and i can sometimes and sometimes not control my blood urges but now i wear a black collar that keeps me under control if my collar is taken off I will lose control of my self I won't know who anybody is are who I even am and watch out cuz she is a succubus she gets urges so be care full
April 28, 2014
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name Ryker Quinn
age 15
gender male
species neko/demon
sexuality bisexual
alliance darkness
abilities turning into a cat, turning into a demon, teleportation. Read minds, telekinesis, causing fear into my victims.
bio just a year ago, my family was murdered in my house during the night. Since I was the only one alive, the police thought I did the murder. So, I was arrested and taken to jail. During my 3 months out of a life sentence, I found my abilities. I turned into a demon and murdered everyone in the jail. Now, I'm a serial killer, I look for the person who killed my family. And when I do.. Oh he is going to be in a lot of pain..
March 13, 2014
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derps around outside by the beach bored hoping for a challenge
((open ^w^))

I sit outside in the bleachers staring at the ground

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ame: kuro
age: 4 (has older form thats 15 but likes her younger form better)
gender: female
personality: practically mute but talks sometimes, is neko
likes: sweets and fish
dislikes: loud noises and being ignored
weapon: small knife and can control fox fires and hallucinations

I sit in an empty classroom tossing a dagger in the air and catching it god I'm bored
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