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Name: Burning Gumball
Species: Flaming cat
Level: Multiversal
Transformation Materials: Fire and earth (Element)
Age: 12
HP: 2000000

Power's and Abilities:
Mega stomp (Jumps really high and then makes a earthquake)
Fire spread (Breathes fire on the ground to make the opponent burn in under 5 seconds)
Fire breath
Super charge

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The First Ever Fan-Made Transformation to be Submitted here.

Name: White Tanooki Gumball
Species: Superpower Racoon Cat
Level: High Complex Multiversal
Transformation Materials: Invincibility Leaf
Age: 12
HP: 60000000

Power's and Abilities:
Power Punch
Sparkling Tackle
Hyper Sonic Speed
Hyper Fang
Hyper Punch
Hyper Kick
Extreme Insane Durability
Fire Ball
Power Tail Hit
Extreme Intelligence

Feats: defeated Bill Cipher and Asriel Dreemur and Alien X. Was able to survive the Universe getting destroyed and was Able to destroy The Sun and ran from Earth to Saturn and came back in 1 second.

Weaknesses: doesn't follow the rules
He always get completely sidetracked and he is lazy and he is cocky in this transformation.

Overall: White Tanooki Gumball is one of Gumball's most powerful but, yet fake form but, he has some flaws of his own.

There we go. (just wait for another person to submit a Fan-Made Transformation of The Character they like)

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