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Tribe (If any):none

Type of Animal:husky




After being inspired; I decided that (if) when we to 10 members; I'll have a contest. It's not for art, but for the ruler of a realm. I won't tell you the name. But if you want to be the ruler of the realm, share this community!

|| Hints ||

The realm is filled with grass and greanland, where mostly deers and elks graze. This is the only place where you can make human like creatures. When created, you can make an elf and a fairy.

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Name: Topaz

Age: 28 Moons

Tribe: The Tribe of Hot Sands

Rank: Leader

Type of Animal: Leopard

Disabilities: Her right hind paw was badly broken in an accident and she now walks with a limp.


A land of darkness and treasure awaits; what will you find in this magical world?

Hello; I am +Dr. Cuteness the founder of "The Island Of Shadows".

>> Rules <<

Do not use Dragons, or Dino's as they are too op.

There is no lore; do not act special!

Do not spam this community.

Do not guilt trip people.

>> Roster <<

Tribe of Hot Sands:

Leader: Topaz | +Dr. Cuteness
Second In Command:
Healer Apprentice:









Animals Outside the Tribes:

>> Tribe Info <<

Tribes are large groups of animals; around 5-10 that live together. You can't have cats and dogs and snakes living together in harmony. It is only one specific animal. Like bears or wolves. You can submit a tribe with this form:

>> Tribe <<

Tribe Name:

Tribe Leader:

Tribe Age:

Tribe Location:

Tribe Personality:

Tribe Prey:

Tribe Animals:


>> End of Tribe <<

Okay so; you know about the tribes now. No wait! The ranks!

Leader (leads the tribe)

Second in Command (Like a Second leader)

Healer (Heals the tribe)

Healer Apprentice (Heals the tribe)

Fighters (Warriors of such)

Trainees (apprentices)

Helpers (mentors of such)

Babies, kits, Cubs, ect (babies)

Mothers (mothers to babies)

Fathers (fathers; hunt for mothers)

Elderly (elders)

>> Profile Template <<

You MUST use this in your profile no matter what.



Tribe (If any):

Type of Animal:

<> feel free tø add møre! <>

>> Tribe <<

Tribe Name: The Tribe of Hot Sands

Tribe Leader: Topaz - 28 Moons

Tribe Age: Just Started - 1 Moon

Tribe Location: In a hot desert.

Tribe Personality: Caring but strict.

Tribe Prey: Crabs near the ocean and fish, sometimes birds

Tribe Animals: Wild Cats

Predators: Wolves that stalk the territory.

>> End of Tribe <<

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