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Some interesting music coming out of Poland these days.. makes me wonder..

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Post-Industrial Piano-Metal
Today on the Jukebox: "Movement," by The Lady anoNYMous

Today was the first day of five that we can all look forward to me pushing and pushing the Dialectical Observations Artist's Edition, until the public release of the album whereupon I will start a whole other promotional circus. Bear with me, social media followers; I'll try not to be too obnoxious. But I do seriously ask you to consider a pledge of any amount of $1 USD or more at my Patreon (, which is the best and most rewarding way to support me and my art. All the pledges before the end of this month will have access to download the Artist's Edition, which was published exclusively on Patreon yesterday morning.

Okay, now that that's out of the way... Let's turn our attention to "Movement," which remained a solid, untouchable song for such a long time. It was first published as a belated B-side to the EP Elemental, and on the extended edition of Elemental, which were also Patreon exclusives. It was quite a while before the song was made publicly accessible on the following EP, Counterbalance. It remained unchanged through the writing of that EP, while each of its other songs were subject to constant revisions up to the point of its publication.

It was clear early on in the conception of Dialectical Observations that this song would be included, even though several songs on the rough track list didn't make it to the final draft. Song after song was removed, and some were written and recorded during this process, but "Movement" remained. But as I explored every niggling little thought and minor "what if" a hundred times over in the other songs, I did start developing some new ideas for "Movement," and what began as an intention to reexamine the electric bass track with possible revisions has resulted in a version worthy of the qualifier "Alternate Spin."

So that would make this original version of the song yet another from the EPs Elemental and Counterbalance - which were the stepping stones toward this new album - that didn't make it onto Dialectical Observations. I had thought "Oh, good, three songs (a third) from the album are already receiving airplay!" and now I've gone and shot this song down. Still, it's done rather well for itself, and you can still find this original version on Counterbalance, which can be streamed on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Apple Music, Groove, and TIDAL, or you can support me directly by buying it from my store -

"Movement" is also on the extended Artist's Edition of the EP Elemental, which is one of many other rewards available for a pledge of support at Rewards also include an Artist's Edition of Counterbalance with bonus tracks that aren't on any other publication.

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Where do I order one of these things!!?? Just brilliant.. 👌👻

+Paradise T.R ツ
This thing is awesome.

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The first song I ever wrote back in 1999/The last song I recorded for my debut Album. Probably my coolest song, lol. #NowPlaying You Ain't Gonna Hound Me by M.O. Martin

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Elements Vol. 3 - FIRE available for pre-order now. Official release Summer 8/15/2017

3 track downloads immediately available upon purchase include:
neuroscepter "Inferno"
Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg "In the Fires of Muspelheim (featuring Hada-Pixie)"
& The Whip Angels (aka Joan Pope) "Transgression (featuring Primitive Knot)

Album also includes music from: I Transform, xtort, The Left Hand of Creation, THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE, Mauerbrecher, Cur of the Sun, & Ghost_Boy

Created by TG Mondalf: Venus Aeon
Mastered by Rob Schubert: Uncoiled Loops
CD Concept & Design: Heru-Set Productions
Photography: Lithium Dreams
Photography Model: Hada-Pixie

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Electroacoustic Ambient Rock
Today on the Jukebox: "Jade's Theme (A Dirge)," by The Lady anoNYMous

The release date for the new album draws ever closer, and I can't seem to stop fucking around with the songs. Actually, most are solid and concrete, but with some (right now, "Man Seeking Cocoon," "Fleeting Fractals," and aw hell, I just created an Alternate Spin of "Movement") I've been creating nuances to mess around with after listening to the latest recordings a few dozen times. I need to stop. I need to release this record out into the world so that I can stop, if nothing else, and move on to other things. My concentration has lingered on this project for too long. And so I think I've come very close to re-perfecting "Cocoon" and "Fractals," and the Alternate Spin of "Movement" is, well, different, and I'm going to put it out there just to let it sink in and see if it really is an improvement or not. That's why it's an Alternate Spin, and why the original is out there on Counterbalance. Anyway, I started converting the finished artwork for the album to PDFs for the booklet, and then I have pages to create for acknowledgements and credits. I am this close to just firing out the Artist's Edition at my Patreon patrons, and letting that keystroke be the gong of finality. By the way, if you're interested in downloading the Artist's Edition, just pledge any amount at before the end of the month. Pledges come with a bunch of other rewards, as well.

Now, I almost shared "Signor Fancypants" today because I was presented with the odd fact that it's currently my most popular song on Apple Music. I say this is odd because I have several other songs that are clearly more popular in the grander sense, but "Fancypants" is struttin' its stuff over at Apple. However, I'll be promoting it some more when Dialectical Observations is released, since it (originally released a year ago on the 30th on Elemental) is included on the new album. Instead, I've been reminded of this song a few times lately, so here it is: one of two songs that changed a piano ditty originally called "Introducing..." into the recurring theme for a fictional alter ego of mine, the hippie-chick badass, Jade.

Jade's the lead protagonist in several stories in my head, and even a novel that I started, but can only publicly be found in the short story "A Jaded Beltaine" in the Snail Tales section of The story behind this song is that it's a funereal march for Jade's friend Theo the dog, whose death is yet to be chronicled, but I can assure you was quite heroic.

Since my Internet connection is currently calling to mind the stone age of dial-up, and I wanted to listen to this song while typing, I've let my iTunes play through the latter half of my third full-length album, Jaded, and I'm reminded of how much I love it. While Occultation sounds awfully amateurish to me these days, with the exception of a couple of songs, Jaded has so many songs that have stood strong throughout my efforts as a solo composer. It includes this song (of course), "The Seventh Swan," "Lily White" (enhanced by the vocal stylings of The Arcane Insignia's Alejandro Saldarriaga Calle)," "Cold Sunlight" (which is my most successful attempt at including my own vocals in one of my songs), and the stoner-hit "The Tranquil Isles." What I'm saying is, listen to it! There's a lot of great material, if I do say so myself.

Jaded can be streamed on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Groove, and TIDAL. To directly support me and my art, consider buying a song or the album from my Snail Tunes store - Purchases include a download of your choice from a variety of formats, as well as unlimited streaming on Bandcamp and the Bandcamp app.

An extended Artist's Edition of the album is also among the many rewards for a pledge at

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Want an art print from another dimension?? Unique, artist signed prints are available by 'Chisanarobotto'(Kurt Kohl)!

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