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Hey everyone! Couple pics of the girls today!! Things are gonna get interesting real soon! Miss Moby Dick is starting to do her thing! And the little Blue Hash is coming along as well. I added 4 X 42watt CFL'S over the Blue Hash! Almost a week into 12/12
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Cannabis Facts - All you need to know about Medical Cannabis Flower. Get detailed on

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People get great relief from chronic pain , anxiety , depression & also from cancer when they ingest medical marijuana, and evidence points to medical cannabis being safe and effective.For details information visit

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My name is Tony Raffaele and I am the inventor of this new and innovative Medical Marijuana Trimming device and I call it a trim bucket . .

The trim bucket is the Medical Marijuana Device that is capable of processing dry marijuana buds.

I designed this trim bucket for anyone who may be physically challenge and cannot hand trim their own home grown medical marijuana for uses for patients in the privacy of their homes

Now that you can grow Marijuana in as many as 31 other states . . in the USA . .the time is right...

My trim bucket has a US Patent pending number registered with US Patent Office.

I manufactured and designed the trim bucket to meet the small time high capacity personal growers medical medicine needs.

The trim bucket has many featured designs that will cover any medical marijuana growers needs... I also completed two new books in my growing Marijuana book series...

One of my latest books is a 100 page 100 day grow book and it is written for First time growers... with all organic grow methods, as if a patient needs grow their own medical marijuana . .it should not be laced with artificial nutrients and contaminants.

I give my grow books away for free to Medical Marijuana uses and my will not only tell you how to grow . .my books will show you how to grow 5 plants from seed and get a final yield of over 2.5 kilo's of finished product . .

My books will show you how to grow your plants and give you up to 4 pounds of dry products and show you how to harvest and dry your plants and ready them for processing in my trim bucket.

So along with my two free Growing legal books and a trim bucket . . . you will be ready to effectively and properly trim your plants buds effortlessly without spending days like a professional trimmer and without causing any risk in diminishing your dry plant's THC potency.

With my trim bucket you can process the same 2.5 pounds of dried cured plant buds in less that 1 hour.. my trim bucket rotates 1.5 revolutions a minute safely and will not diminish marijuana plants potency or quality.

I trust you may have a little more understanding of how uniquely my trim bucket is used for..

Inside this trim bucket are a few hundred specially designed steel trim screens that are designed in a way to perfectly and slowly rotate and trim your dry bud into wonderful round and compact finished nugs that are ready for all you private uses right in the comfort of your home.

I would also like to tell you this trim bucket does not create any dust and it wont cause damage to your dried buds and most of all you will not end up with sticky gooey fingers and for those experiance growers suffer.

The inside of the plastic trim bucket housing will also prevent any bacterial or harmful condition when automatically trimming out your buds.

How it works . . Just unscrew front cover and fill the trim bucket with 1 ounce to 64 ounce of dried plant buds that are separated from its stem and watch how the trim bucket automatically separates the small leafs from its colas transfers them onto nuggets and any removes outer seeds without any damage to the buds and along with its advanced trim bucket designed processing features . .the trim bucket converts the dried outer leafs into tiny fine particles which are automatically separated internally.

In my patented design process all the fine particles of marijuana trim turns into kef' that automatically separate and trickles out of the 3" hole located in the center of the front cover into a tray. .

When you peak thought the front cover and see as its the front cover easily unscrews from the fixed lid portion of the trim bucket with just a few turns counter clock wise.

The cover is 12 inches wide so you can fill the trim bucket with up to 4-1/2 pounds of dried buds and just click the on switch on the back and within 3 minutes or less . .you will see how professional and automatically the trim bucket trims your dried plant buds with high precision quality as it separates the leafs and seeds and stems while turning the flowers outer leafs onto fine kef' . .and the kef' is now ready for canna butter... cookies... or brownies and chocolates as well. . the kef' can be used for dab's and oils and pressed into other medical medicines needs.

My trim buckets have a UL listed and approved water proof electrical motor that will last for years.

This is the only fully automatic trim bucket in the world that can process so much dry plant material and it is absolutely the perfect home bud trimmer for medical needs.

If you are interested in just asking me any question about how the trim bucket uses... just email me here... at

Just one other mention... Most states as well as the Massachusetts Dept of Revenue recognizes and considers the trim bucket a medical devise for processing herbal medication.

I am proud to help in the development in such a wonderful and easy to use marijuana processing machine which will improve the quality of one life in need of their personal medical marijuana uses.

Thank you
Anthony Raffaele


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If a slim, polished look is most important to you, the Puffco Pro 2 is exactly just what you’re looking for. Now available on Capital Weed. Buy online on

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