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Você deveria jogar Mobbles! É um aplicativo divertido cheio de criaturas legais para você capturar, cuidar e lutar. Capture alguns Mobbles para que possamos jogar juntos! Meu apelido no jogo é GUILHERME01. Faça o download em

Oh, hi guys, I am new here! My name on mobbles is SpyBunny047, feel free to send me a friend request! :)
By the way, I am having some trouble with any mobbles fight (catching mobbles, training them and even fighting against friends), it just doesn't end the loading screen. Is there something that I can do? Thanks :)

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Bally, Nix, Fahn, Rakashak and Bilbok trade for 1 Ulfrik in any level..if there's anyone interested jus add my id: Kenny13

My name in mobbles is GUILHERME01

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Looking for cuby or babel
My ID is EYDgamer
Let me know if you're interested ☆

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+Matteo Foca
Can i change your Mussugu with my Mozz,Monka,Dew,Krog and Berry? :3
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My name in mobles is Kartoffelpuffer

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For trade guys. My id : arohman

Give me a mobbles please !!!!

Add me guys..
Id: devman. Thx!
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