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Human. Aura wielder. Or shadow origin. I welcome you to the community that is the seed of my book. I hope for this seed to grow and become a giant tree for many to share, and enjoy together! Here on this community you can post and theorise about my book and maybe design your own character based around the law of the story! Or you could sit back and enjoy the rich law, deep story and interesting characters I try to offer! I hope you all enjoy it here in this community. If you have any problems ask me! Other than that...

Pick your god, may it be Creativity, Knowledge or Tactics and take to the skies and fulfil your fate!

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Ok.... So here is the first teaching in the Shadow origin's religion... Since they follow the god of Creativity which is represented by the Downy woodpecker.....

"The shadows are a representation of our past, our future and our present. Creativity granted us with the shadows to show us, the only way to change our shadow it to move ourselves. The only way to change the future, the present or even the past is to change ourselves... Move on ourselves. For our shadow is always hanging below our feet as a reminder. We are part of his earth, we are always our selves. Creativity gave us our shadows for a reason. Without shadows we would have no idea of depth or colour. Without shadows it would be a blind world. We must learn to accept the smaller things in life and make them into greater things! With creativity anything is possible, if you just work with facts they can only take you so far, creativity, will take you twice as far. " (Jay; Tenerbris; 001)

"With one swoop of Creativity's wing; shadows,light, positive and negative were made. With one cry of Creativity's song sounds were granted to this world so we could hear the beauty of life. Then Creativity sat on it's branch. And let the word forge it's self let it find it's own creative style inspired by the God... Creativity." (Volf; Tenerbris; 001)
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