We now have a place to "Hangout" with your web-cams, microphones, speakers, text...or not....whatever you prefer! Welcome to Highway 420!
#Highway420 ! \m/ 3:-) \m/
It works on Android phones as well as on a computer!
Now...how do we get people to leave facebook actually TRY it?
It's like pulling teeth to get this chatroom going...plese stop on by, and burn one with me! I'm going to set it up on YouTube as a public stream....

I'll be there....Hangin' out.....


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So now they are allowed to smoke pot, while they still enforce laws AGAINST smoking pot? What a world......!

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The official WhyNotSmokePot.com Youtube Playlist!
If anyone would care to make requests to be added, please comment!! 
I need help thinking of killer weed tunes!


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I think now that pot is outright legal in two states, and there is lots of research out there proving the benefits of the cannabis plant...and there is a general "waking up" that is happening in society....I think it's safe to say....our side is winning!
The revolution IS being televised!
(Does anyone out there want to join a pro-potsmoker's community that has been around for a long time?)

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I LOVE this clip....THIS is what determination and intestinal fortitude looks like! "You call this a storm?!" 8-)

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We are alive and running at: 6:21 on May 6, 2013!
It's ALIVE!!!!! 8-)

Welcome to:

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