I'm snorkelling in Hawaii. I put the case on (properly) in the morning and stored the camera in a dark backpack until I went in the water. I used the outer for about 30 minutes, never going below 2m. I never saw any bubbles come out of the case. When I opened the bag the camera was wet. It's a 5d iii. I figure it's condensation as I never saw bubbles and there was no water build up in the case. Is my Outex safe to use?

Hi I want to buy a case to hold my outex filters/lens. Does anyone have any recommendation on cases to purchase? I need to purchase by the end of the week.
thank you for any assistance

Hi, I recently bought an adapter + bracket for my new 14mm lens. I had intended on using it for a kayaking trip tomorrow. Unfortunately, it appears that the adapter is made for a larger dome than the one I have, so I can't use it.

I take full responsibility for not trying the adapter with my lens + dome when it arrived a few weeks ago (memo for others: try your new stuff when it arrives!!). Life was busy, so I put it to the side. I didn't occur to me that it wouldn't work, as I used the selection tool on the Outex website to purchase it. I have only just realised the mismatch today as I'm packing to leave.

Perhaps if some wording or spec sheet could be added to the adapter purchase page, indicating which size dome it suits, it will prevent someone else from making the same mistake I did.

I'm super sad that I can't use my new wide angle toy on this trip... thankfully I have an older lens that I've previously used with my dome, so I can at least get some shots.

Hi, I couldn't find the Sigma 15mm f2.8 Diagonal Fisheye for Nikon (one of the most used fisheye lens) among the compatible lens. Did I miss it? Is there a dome which fits the lens?

Hi guys. I'm looking to purchase an outex kit for my Sony a7sII. Your website only lists first generation (a7 + a7r) models when putting the kit together - so just wanted to check if the a7r kit would be compatible with the a7sII, as I am not familiar with the minor changes between generations. Thanks.

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Have Outex questions? Don't forget to explore our website. Here's an example, our FAQ page; http://www.outex.com/learn-more/

I am trying to buy this for my Nikon D5100. I sent them an email but ive received no response. I have two lens that I want to buy the glass adapters for. Is that the norm with this company ---no response? 

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I ordered the LCD Viewfinder MR (Mirrorless) Kit 74 mm but it seems a bit small for the Fujifilm XT-1.

I followed the advise given to another customer on this forum for fitting his XT-1.

Should I exchange for the bigger viewfinder? 

Im looking into adding a DOME to my Outex purchase. The website should add descriptions for every item. There's many different types of adapters (type 1, 2, 3C1, etc) and its hard to figured out what exactly one would need.

What DOME and DOME LENS ADAPTER or BRACKET should I buy for the following system:

Fujifilm XT-1

Samyang 12mm f2.0; 67mm filter thread

Outex Rig:
Cover 80
Lens 67 mm
Lens LCD Viewfinder MR (Mirrorless) Kit 74 mm

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I was attempting to put together a package this evening but I ran into a snag. It appears at one of the items are sold out. How do we find out when things are likely to be in? 
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