Are we still planning on breakfast this Wednesday?

This month's dev breakfast would fall on the Tuesday morning after Memorial Day. It seems ill-advised to schedule a breakfast after a holiday. Any objections to pushing it to Wednesday morning?

Happy new year, folks! Next breakfast date?

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No breakfast this week, folks! Instead, sign up for the Joint User Group Holiday Party on December 10th!

Full details at the link. See you there!

Here's to a great holiday for everyone. See you in 2015.

Are people still planning to go to breakfast on Tuesday? I wasn't sure with it being a holiday week.

I may not be able to make it to next week's breakfast. Any volunteers available to arrive slightly early, acquire a table, and wave at anyone looking for a table of developers?

A few people have expressed that Pinewood Social is a little on the expensive side for a monthly breakfast.

Does anyone have suggestions as to alternatives that meet the following criteria?
- Open at 7am
- Parking
- Close to downtown

I'm open to new venues, just want to make sure we can accommodate everyone.

Thanks for coming out to breakfast despite all the weather damage last night! Enjoyed the conversation.

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Thanks for joining us for breakfast this morning! Enjoyed talking to Jason about his experience on the Startup Bus.

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GitHub is hosting a free event at Emma, for those interested. +William Golden mentioned it, thought I would pass it along.
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