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Thank you, +SilentHolmes Lovegood

Profile Template:






||Bender or Non-Bender:||



||Appearance or pic:||


-||Prized Possession:||


-Avatar: +Solar_ Sound​​
-Dark Avatar available

I have a question: What timeline are we in? Will this be modernized? Are guns allowed?

+Solar_ Sound

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||Name:|| Unknown

||Age:|| Unknown

||Gender:|| Unknown

||Occupation/Job:|| Criminal Vigilante/Consulting Criminal

||Nation:|| None

||Bender or Non-Bender:|| Bender

||Element:|| Earth/Metalbender

||Weapons:|| Two silenced TEC-9 automatic pistols, Two interchangable carbon fiber katanas, marksman rifle.

||Appearance or pic:||
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Missing
-Skin: Pallid white
-Height: Unknown, cybernetically enhanced to 6" 4'
-Weight: cybernetically enhanced to 50 pounds

-||Personality:|| Unknown

-||Prized Possession:|| Carbon fiber ritual dagger.


Nobody knows where it came from
Nobody knows why it came
But when it did, it reigned hell.
Crime sprees, murders, heists and robberies.

The master criminal has come.
(If the slot for Dark Avatar isn't taken, I'll take it)
(This is your main antagonist. This is gonna be fun.)

I won't be active for some time

please don't kick me.

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||Name:|| Alavar

||Age:|| 19

||Gender:|| Male

||Occupation/Job:|| Bender for hire

||Nation:|| Earth

||Bender or Non-Bender:|| Bender

||Element:|| Earth

||Weapons:|| Bending and a dagger

||Appearance or pic:|| Pic bellow

-||Personality:|| cold, honest, Faithful in what he believes in and hard on other people

-||Prized Possession:|| his dagger

-||Bio:|| born and raised on the streets of Ba Sing Se he quickly learned that on the streets you had to fend for your self, so to get his daily meal he had to steal and scavenge for food. after two years of this his parents found out and left him with his uncle giving up all hope for there young son. his uncle soon saw how he can put his skills to use for the underground and quickly sold the kid to a gang to be trained as a assassin, for years this kid went thru this intense and brutal training he became a killing drone. for the next few years he killed for the gang until he woke up and realized that he was being held back, so he murdered and hunted down the entire Gang until they were nothing more then a memory, after he was done them he went to his uncles home ans murdered him to a unrecognizable mess. now he sits in bars waiting to be hired as a assassin or bodyguard.


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||Name:|| Cyrene

||Age:|| 16

||Gender:|| Female

||Occupation/Job:|| Avatar and the daughter of a highly regarded Admiral of the Fire Nation

||Nation:|| Fire Nation

||Bender or Non-Bender:|| Bender

||Element:|| Main Element: Fire, already knows Air Bending and hasn't started any other training recently.

||Weapons:|| None

||Appearance or pic:|| Below

-||Personality:|| A tough, kind teenager with an attitude, but truely she is a good person by heart

-||Prized Possession:|| A royalty relic given from the princess as a gift of loyalty

-||Bio:|| Born and raised in the Fire Nation, Cyrene had a special connection with the spirits and soon her father knew that she was the Avatar. For now she keeps this secret safe. Already she managed to master Air Bending by watching the Air Nomads in Republic City during a trip with her father as a military expedition. For now, she spends her time practicing in hopes that one day she can leave her home and find a master of Earth and Water bending

+Hikari No Senshi

finally something to do watching WWE is getting boring :p

"Ha! You missed!"
"I won't this time." Cyrene laughed at her friend as she sent a wave of fire towards her, who countered it. She glanced around before using air bending to finish the fun match they started. The girl got up, looking furious,
"You cheated!"
"Sorry! Redo tomorrow?"
"Oh yeah and no cheating." The girl turned around and ran around the corner. Cyrene watched her before turning away, making her way to the large house at the end of the Street. She swore she heard footsteps, and turned around with her hands up, ready to fight.
"Who's there?"

+Mad foxxer

As the Avatar, one of Cyrene's many duties is to visit those who committed crimes with bending and take it away. Perminetly. It's not like she knew how to do it. Today, an assassin/bodyguard for hire was to be stripped from his bending. Cyrene watched as guards hauled this man from his cell towards her. Well, this is a lovely day to strip bending away. Hooray.

Part 2 with +SilentHolmes Lovegood​ (We were running out of space)
Aka: So what do we do now?
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