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Dear Dharma Sisters, This is a difficult topic but I'm sharing it hoping to reach this women in the Dharma who might benefit from reading it. May all beings be free from suffering.

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One more article for those of you who are supporting women or men who have fallen into difficult circumstances:

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“When I was young, I either wanted to be a nun or a dancer,” says Reverend Teijo Munnich, who, now 69 and a Zen Buddhist priest, still possesses a youthful, clear voice, and a manner that modulates quickly between laughter and somberness. The monastic path, so associated with stillness and inner reflection, seems somewhat at odds with the career of a dancer, which is filled with movement and founded in the body, yet Munnich has somehow managed to create a life that incorporates both.

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If you never want to know what life is, you never lived. 
Check this out, Anita's near death experience might change your life.

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Respected and Venerable Banti's, Bhikkunis, Upasikas, Upasikis, Brother's and Sister's Jai Bheem and NAMO BUDDHAYA.

Dear Dhamma friends I am happy to send this e-news letter 0f 2013.  Actually I m suppose to send it right after May 25th, 2013 right after Buddha Jayanti celebration.  But I couldn't able to do because my both feet got burned as the climate was at about 50 Degree forein heat and I am Diabetic who never takes any medicine as the Doctor's are not available in my town and I have to go to Vijayawada about Eighty Kilometer's Distance.  As my financial condition is Total 0 so I did not go.  As the days passed my legs and Feet situation become worse so I went Vijayawada and took Roots Medicine also called as Ayurvedic or Moolika Vaidyam. So after three Months my feet become better so i could able to prepare this news letter.

Recently I took 4 people to Bodh Gaya so they have taken Buddhism as their religion.  I am adding one Photograph of it along with above celebration.

In the same time I attended National Conference on Buddhist Marriage Act at Bodh Gaya.

I would like to thank the Buddhist Society of India under the leadership of Maha Upasika Meerataiji Ambedkar, Advocate Prakashji Amedkar and the General Secretary Mr Jagadish Gawaiji for orally appointing me as the state Convenor of BSI-Andhra Pradesh on 6th December, 2013 at Chaitya Bhoomi where the BSI national Executive took place.

And specially Congratulate Mahaupasika Meerataiji YeshwantaRaoji Ambedkar for getting stay Order and I hope full Judgement will come in favour of Mirataiji.

And Specially would like to thank you for the Free Buddhist Literature I am getting from and THE CORPORATE BODY OF BUDDHA  EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION. Due to their free supply of Buddhist literature in Telugu Language I could able to distribute freely and able to propagate Buddhism.

As we started Buddhist Society of India Branch at Jaggayyapeta I Started conducted every Sunday the Gathering of Buddhists.  It went on well as my Health got spoiled due to Diabetic.

But I did not stopped spreading Buddfhism inspite of my ill health.

In the month of March 2013 I attended Jyothiba Phule celebrations at Guntur City.

In the month of April I attended the Birth-Day Celebration of Dr. Babu Jagajeevan Ram the Dalith Deputy Prime Minister of India.

In the month of April I attended the Birth Celebrations of Dr B.R.AMBEDKAR who  is father of Constitution of India and Re-inventor of Buddhism in India and also the Founder of THE BUDDHIST SOCIETY OF INDIA.

So In this way I am working hard to spread the message of Lord Buddha and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.

So Dear Buddhist Friends and Ambedkarites please help me financially, materially and whatever the way you can.

Here along with my Ambedkarite Buddhist friends I am trying to consruct Buddha Vihara just beside the about2,000 year old Boudha Stupa.

We are planning to open Buddhist Monastery and training centre for upcoming Buddhist Upasakas and possibly for Bhanti's as well.

We are planning to open School for the poorest of the poor i.e., the untouchables,

We are planning to open mother and child centre's among the poorest of the poor

We have so many ideas, but don't have any money or any other resources.

I STARTED A POLITICAL PARTY ON APRIL14th 2005. iT'S NAME IS "BAHUJANA SAMKSHEMA SANGHAM".  I need like minded Buddha, Phule, Ambedkarites to support me financially, or join with me to take this political party for ward so I along with your help can establish a Political Party with Buddha, Phule and Ambedkarite Principles.  Please help and if many body is interested please contact me immediately.

So dear Buddhist friends Please help us in whatever the you can

Namo Buddhaya, Jai Bheem,

H.No: 11-107/5, Mittagudem,
jaggayyapeta- 521175,
Krishna District,
Andhra Pradesh,
Cell No:08985461809,
online bank account IFSC No:SBIN0005378 & A/c No:31041555772, State Bank of India Branch at Jaggayyapeta, krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
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Recently I visited Nagpur City to attend Bliss Conference and given speech on buddhist monuments in Andhra Pradesh.  Then I Visited Dr Babasaheb's Deeksha Bhoomi for the first time and committed myself to spread Ambedkarite Buddhism

Namo Buddhaya and Jai Bheem

dear fellow buddhists, on Dec4th to 8th I will be attending the buddhist society of india National executive which will take place at Chaitya Bhoomi, mumbai.

If anyone would like to sponsor ten people to attend this event please help financially, it will cost 30,000(thirty thousand rupees only).

thank you and namo Buddhaya and Jai Bheem

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In this week's ABW blog post we bring you an audio recording of His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaking in favor of revising a rule stipulating that nuns should sit behind monks, even if the nuns are fully ordained Bhikshunis and the monks are novices.

This round table discussion took place at an interreligious conference entitled, "A Meeting of Diverse Spiritual Traditions in India - Promoting Human Values and Inter-Religious Harmony," held in Delhi, India, and organized by the office of His Holiness.

May all beings be free of the suffering of gender inequality!

The Times, They are A’Changin'
The Times, They are A’Changin'

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The Awakening Buddhist Women Blog is looking for new authors, with stories, articles, interviews, or photo essays related to women and Buddhism. If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration please visit the link below for more information.

~*~*~ We will be posting every two weeks until we can build up our collection of posts. Please share this post, and help us recruit new talent! ~*~*~
 +Sakyadhita I.A.W. 
Contact Us
Contact Us

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“Sharing our Life Stories as Buddhists,” is the theme of the 43rd national conference of the Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations (FBWA). This conference is presented biannually to bring together members from across the country to promote the Buddha Dharma. For the first time ever, the FBWA is joining with the Buddhist Churches of America Southern District temples to study, share and network with Buddhists of many traditions. The selected theme binds all of us and touches us regardless of gender, age, orientation, or history.

Please click the link for more information, and a flyer.

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Bhutan Nuns Foundation
First Getsulma Ordination in Punakha
May 10, 2014
It is only a few months since the 1st International Buddhist Nuns Conference, organized by Bhutan Nuns Foundation in Paro, provided the Bhutanese female monastic body with a platform for interaction at both national and international levels. The Conference, which took place under the aegis of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck, staunchest advocate and ally of BNF, found a considerable echo in the media at the time.
The controversy on the nuns' full Gelongma ordination (Bikshuni), currently much discussed in the Buddhist community, was one of the focal points which emerged from the Paro conference. However, it also became clear that not all communities are aware of the possibilities that are already open to those nuns wishing to formalize their choice of spiritual life. Getsulma ordination, for instance, has been possible in Bhutan for a long time. Obviously there was a need for information at a basic level, and BNF set out to fill this gap, thereby setting a new milestone for Bhutanese nuns.
On Saturday, may 10 2014, having been mobilized through their respective Khenpos and Lamas, seven nunneries sent altogether over 140 nuns to Punakha to receive Getsulma Dhompa (Sramanerika) ordination from His Holiness the Je Khenpo in the beautiful Sangchhen Dorji Sendrup nunnery.
This nunnery was founded by Yab Ugyen Dorji, the father of the Queen Mothers. It sits astride the top of a hill high above Punakha and combines harmonious architectural proportions with carefully designed interiors, full of lovely traditional carvings and paintings. Khenpo Kunzan Thinley of Sangchen Dorji Sendrup and his nuns had decorated the surroundings and the inside of the temple. The fabric decorations, so typical of religious happenings, danced in the wind. Much work went into the preparations for this day, with the nuns being ordained doing their share to be ready to receive their illustrious guests, His Holiness and Her Majesty, with all the respect and care due to their status.
This ceremony is an important step in monastic life. The nuns taking the Getsulma vows, which correspond to the first formal stage of monastic life in Mahayana Buddhism, agree to abide by 10 of the precepts of Buddhist monastic life. The nuns decide on ordination by themselves, however with their Khenpos' consent and approval, as there is as yet no formal definition of the requirements.
Because there were so many of them, the nuns attending the ceremony were divided into two groups before being admitted to the Lhakhang (temple) and the presence of His Holiness in a garb meant to symbolize the lay state, their heads shaven except for a last tuft on the crown. As a group, the nuns answered the Je Khenpo's questions about their past conduct, and professed their steadfast intention to dedicate themselves to the path of spirituality. The last lock of hair was then symbolically cut, they were dismissed and returned in groups of three with the special robe, shawl and mat required by the ceremony, on this occasion a gift from BNF’s sponsors from Singapore. The Je Khenpo blessed each group in turn and imparted ritual instructions. After that, the entire group returned again wearing the newly blessed robes to receive their Dharma name (Chö meng) from the Je Khenpo. They are now ordained Getsulma and will wear the saffron robe, made of small squares to symbolize the Buddha's original patched-together cloak, for all high liturgical occasions. After a lunch break, during which the honoured guests and their retinues were treated to a lavish meal, the proceeding was repeated for the second group.
The ceremony, which only Her Majesty and BNF's staff were allowed to witness, took the whole morning and a good part of the afternoon to complete. The nuns were understandably awed and humbled in view of such an important step. The presence of the highest religious figure of their country together with their revered and much-loved Queen Mother contributed to their nervousness. The emotional suspense was palpable and many tears flowed as His Holiness blessed the threesomes. Her Majesty spoke at times encouragingly to the nuns. In his closing speech, which held everyone's undivided attention, the Je Khenpo explained the significance of the ceremony they had just undergone and sent them on their way to the new life with his blessing.
This was the first Getsulma Dhompa ceremony held on this scale in Bhutan. Altogether, the event was incredibly powerful. To quote Her Majesty, 'This is such an auspicious occasion and will remain a historical day'. The ceremony could not have taken place without the active support of Her Majesty, to whom both BNF and Bhutanese nuns are devoted and grateful.
After these promising beginnings, it is possible that BNF will in the future organize more ordination ceremonies of this kind.
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Ordination Punakha May 10 2014
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