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Don't touch me! *I hauled off and kicked you where it hurts. That's right I kicked you in the dick. I was tired of your torment, your bullying, your teasing, the pain you caused me. We go to this academy for supernatural and mythological people. I was a hybrid. I was a mix between a merman and a witch. You on the other hand, you were a warlock and a strong one at that. and for what ever reason you just completely hate me. I hated what you did to people or well what you do to me. But what makes it worse is that....your my older brother. Well my older step brother. But the thing people don't know is what you put me through and how much I love you. Your constant taunting and bullying I was getting tired of it and I wanted to show that I was done. I quickly ran to the gym to get ready for the end of the year talent show as no one believed I could do it or had a band.


Now, give it up for our final act of the day. Please put your hands together for Moonlit Path! Everyone clapped and I and my band took stage. they were dressed in black as was I until we all said one thing and our clothes changed and they were all white. But as for me I was wearing a white leather vest and white pants with white boots. You can see the bruises that were on my body along with the cuts on my arms some fresh and some not. I saw you come into the gym and I was shaking. people were whispering about my arms and my bruises shocked and I saw you look at me and you were shocked and that's when I spoke. I hope your happy.... And with that I turned looking at my band and the piano started and I waved my hand the lights turning a blue and baby blue and fog clouded the floor of the stage. I sighed to myself and I began to sing My Immortal by Evanescence. That's when you...

- Caring but a douche bag seme older step brother
- 3-4+ lines please
- No text talk
- be descriptive as possible
- don't leave the rp please let me know if you have to leave
- please ask before beginning
- please read it all and if you have please say "Forever Yours"
- also state your characters name age bio personality etc.
- my character looks human and is the one with long hair yours is the one in black and white. My name is Jasper and I'm 17.
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Jackson Hawk, Celia Crowe, Rachel Arlen, Emmelia May, Collin Glen, and Devin Owens. These were six of the most well-known names at Mountain View High. These were the names that were whispered in the hallways rather than shouted or cheered. Sometimes the tones that accompanied these names were reverent, sometimes they were scornful, and sometimes they were fearful. One way or another, everyone in the school knew these names.
Most, though, only knew their names, labelled them “the emo kids” or “the weirdos” and moved on. No one ever bothered to know them by anything more than their reputation. They were used to this, but it didn’t ever make it easier to deal with.
Devin was known as the womanizer of the group. The way his neat appearance and his slight Irish accent made girls swoon only added to his reputation. No one ever bothered to look beyond his flashy good looks and his charm. No one ever bothered to know that the only relationship he’d ever been in was not only abusive, but he was reluctant to be in it from the start, which only made everything worse. No one ever bothered to learn that he was a foster child who had been abused physically, verbally, sexually, or some combination of the three in each of the many foster homes he’d stayed in, as well as the one he was currently stuck in. No one bothered to realize that he hated any sort of physical contact unless he had explicitly said it was alright, or that he was scared of the dark, or that he couldn’t stand to watch horror movies.
People called Collin a freak. He was quiet, never smiled, never really opened his mouth for any reason at all. No one bothered to find out why. No one bothered to plug his name into a search engine and find the news article from nine years ago: an eight-year-old boy rescued from a basement where his mother had been keeping him, so dehydrated and malnourished that it was a miracle that he was alive, and with a mouth full of blood from his mother cutting out his tongue. While the articles all said that the mother had been arrested, none mentioned the aftermath. No one knew that Collin had been shipped off to live with his uncle, who continued to abuse Collin physically and emotionally, while Collin could only endure it in silence. No one knew that Collin had tried to kill himself five times in the past year.
Collin’s girlfriend, Emmelia, was another so-called freak of nature. She was jumpy, socially awkward, and stuttered so badly that she was barely understandable. Between that and her small stature, she was naturally the first target for bullies and snide remarks from people that passed her on the street. She, too, had tried to kill herself multiple times, and that was actually how she first met Collin – in the hospital after trying to overdose. What the bullies at school and the people who taunted her as she walked to and from school didn’t know was that her parents had died in a house fire when she was five. This resulted in her having to live with her brother, who was only eighteen at the time. He ended up blaming her – first for being the only one to survive the fire and then for existing in the first place. By the time Emmelia was eight, her brother neglected her so badly that she had to teach herself how to fill out the documents to register herself for school because he wouldn’t do it for her.
No one was entirely sure why Rachel would ever hang out with a group of supposed “delinquent good-for-nothings” like she did. Rachel was kind and intelligent; she did well in classes, had no apparent trouble socializing, no behavioural issues, and no one could really say a bad word about her. However, her ex-model mother’s strict and unhealthy ideals and expectations caused Rachel to develop a serious case of anorexia at a disturbingly young age, and her overzealously religious and extremely homophobic father taught her to repress her sexuality to the point that she could barely look at another girl without feeling so guilty she wanted to cry.
Celia, on the other hand, flaunted the fact that she was gay and Rachel admired her greatly for it. Celia had a reputation for punching people in the face and looking flawless as she did. Every guy in the school had asked her out, and then proceeded to make nasty remarks about her out of bitterness when she inevitably rejected them. Her parents were successful business people, so Celia was rich, but they also travelled a lot, which left her alone in her family’s mansion more often than not. On one hand, this meant that she was able to offer her friends a safe place to see whenever they needed it, but on the other, the extended periods of solitude had left Celia with a hatred of silence and severe, untreated OCD that stemmed from her belief that her parents might stay longer next time they came home if the house was just a little neater and if she looked just a little more put together and if her grades were just a little bit better.
And then there was Jackson. He was the typical “bad boy” type – black leather combat boots, spiky piercings, a permanent sneer, and a penchant for beating the hell out of people that pissed him off or hurt his friends – more commonly the latter. Beyond that, he was a mystery to most people. Only his close friends knew that Jackson had been kicked out of the house by his abusive father when he was sixteen for being gay. Only those few people knew that his first and only boyfriend had doubled as his pimp and that Jackson had spent almost ten months being unwillingly whored out to men two or three times his age.
Of course, it would have been different if anyone had bothered to ask. They didn’t make an effort to hide their pain or to keep their struggles a secret. It was just that no one cared enough to look.
[Y/N] was the exception. [Y/N] was new to Mountain View. He had transferred in the middle of the school year; no one knew why because, as usual, no one bothered to ask. For the most part, people ignored [Y/N], which was fine with him. There were a few jackasses, of course, and these were the bullies. They didn’t harass [Y/N] much, though, because they had other targets – bigger fish to fry.
One of the bullies’ favorite people to victimize was Collin. He was an easy target; he couldn’t speak to defend himself from their verbal taunts and his frail build made it difficult for him to ward off their physical attacks. More often than not, Collin would be seen sporting a black eye or a split lip or a variety of multicoloured bruises. Some of them were from home, but a fair portion of them were from school. Eventually, [Y/N] got tired of seeing Collin brutalized and decided to step in. A few days later, [Y/N] got the opportunity to make good on his decision.
Just before lunch the next Thursday, [Y/N] saw three of the star football players corner Collin in an empty classroom. [Y/N] interrupted them before they did any real damage; as expected, the bullies fled the instant they were confronted. [Y/N] walked Collin to the cafeteria and then they parted ways.
The next day at lunch, [Y/N] had just sat down at his table in the corner of the cafeteria, expecting to eat alone as usual, when Jackson, Collin, Rachel, Celia, Emmelia, and Devin all sat down around the table with him.

(Seke needed who is sweet, kind, and protective, but has a personality beyond that, meaning that he can still get angry and mess up. Your character will end up with Jackson if you choose to pursue a romantic route. This is a long-term roleplay. Please keep in mind that a romantic or sexual relationship will not automatically make Jackson “better” and it will not “fix” him. This roleplay will not contain cheating of any kind, involving any characters. I require good grammar (meaning correct punctuation, spelling, and capitalization), as well as a minimum of five lines in response. and absolutely no text talk (thx, ily, u/ur, wtv, etc.). If you cannot meet these requirements, I will delete the ropleplay. I have a fairly hectic schedule, so please do not tag me in every response. I will wait three days for you to respond before I tag you, and I expect the same in return. Also, if I am misrepresenting anything in this roleplay, please let me know so that I can fix it! Comment “Heathens” if you’ve read through all of this.)

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phone has to be held at least an inch away from face and disinfected after use. Hands must be washed as least every two hours a day for five minutes or until they bleed. House must be cleaned every five hours. Never leave the house without disinfectant wipes and five pairs of gloves. Always wear gloves when leaving house. Of you drop something outside leave it or quickly pick it up and thoroughly disinfect it and throw away wipe and gloves immediately. But the most important rule is strictly no human contact of any kind.

that's how Robin lives. He has mysophobia otherwise known as a fear of germs and contamination.

You were his boyfriend. You understood his boundaries. You knew he couldn't help it.

present day

"Yeah I know ((Y/N)) I promise I won't drop it. I gotta go bye love you." Robin smiled on the phone to you. You had brought him a promise ring that he manages to slip on without gloves.

"I know just be careful I know that you're wearing it over your gloves today so just keep an eye on it. Bye love you too" You replied.

Robin hung up smiling. Suddenly someone bumped into him and knocked him to the ground. This sent Robin into a frenzy. He started screaming and he stood up ripping the coat of his body. He heard something metal drop to the floor. He snapped out of it and just stared at the ring on the ground. He dropped the ring and got it covered in germs. He couldn't touch it now.

He grabbed his phone and called you in tears. "((Y/N)). I dropped the ring..."

•Seme needed
°one liners all
•no text talk
°please don't abandon halfway through
•I will do reshares and private posts
°please ask!

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Riley Thorne was depressed. He didn’t really know why; it wasn’t like he had a reason to be depressed. His foster fathers, Connor and Ethan, were nothing short of adoring of him; his best friend [Y/N] was the kindest person Riley had ever met; he did well in school; his teachers all adored him; and there were already colleges liked up with full ride scholarships for him even though he was only a junior in high school. No matter how hard Riley tried to find a logical reason for it, he couldn’t figure out why he was depressed. Technically, it wasn’t official, since he had never seen a shrink for a proper diagnosis, but Riley had done enough research to know the signs and he knew he was depressed.
Really, he did know why. He knew perfectly well why he was depressed, and he knew what had caused it, and he could pinpoint what age it first began to develop if he thought about it hard enough. Riley had been in foster care for his entire life. His biological parents, whoever they were, had given him away when he was just two and a half months old and he had bounced from home to home since. Most of them were okay, if a little strict, with the exception of one.
When he was eight, Riley was adopted by a family of five - mother, father, and three sons. At first, it was fine. It wasn’t an outstandingly good arrangement or an outstandingly bad one; the family was a relatively average middle-class one and everything about them was just that: average. Normal.
On Riley’s tenth birthday, however, the situation did a complete 180.
That family didn’t particularly celebrate birthdays, so aside from a few half-hearted ‘happy birthday’s from the parents, nothing special happened, at least not during the daylight hours. After Riley had gone to bed, though, was a whole different matter entirely.
Riley woke in the middle of the night that night with no clothes on; his hands strapped to the bedframe above his head with a belt; his face shoved ear-deep into his pillow, presumably to keep him from screaming; and all three of his foster brothers standing over him. When Riley tried to ask what was going on, the youngest of his brothers pushed his head further down into the pillow, nearly to the point of suffocating him, and then they raped Riley. All three of the other boys took turns, telling Riley that he was “a big boy” now, so he had to do “big boy things” with them. By the time they were done, Riley was sobbing so hard he could barely breathe, his wrists were chafed where he had struggled against his restraints, and he was bleeding from where they had torn him open. They told him that if he said anything about it to anyone, they would kill him and leave his mutilated corpse for his only friend at the time – a girl named Celia who was the picture of childhood innocence – to find. Riley never said a word.
This went on for two years, until Child Protective Services showed up and took him away a few days before his twelfth birthday. They never gave him an explanation as to why they had removed him from that home and Riley didn’t need one. He was just glad to be out of that place. On his twelfth birthday, Connor and Ethan adopted him. The moment they found out it was his birthday, they all went to get ice cream, and the next day, his foster fathers bought him more presents than he had ever seen in his life. Riley knew from the beginning that this family would be far better than the last.
Despite this knowledge, he never said anything, and there were several reasons for it. Part of it was shame. Part of it was embarrassment. Part of it was that Riley wasn’t entirely sure it was abuse, much less rape, since he was male. Part of it was that Riley was afraid he wouldn’t be taken seriously, since he was openly gay and knew that would affect people’s view on the issue. Part of it was that he didn’t want to upset anyone with it, especially Connor and Ethan, who had been nothing but kind to him for the last four years of his life. Art of it was that, now that he had the opportunity to be happy, he thought that if he just ignored what his foster brothers had done to him entirely it would just go away.
But it did not go away, and he was not entirely happy, because he was depressed. During the day, Riley could put on a pretty – if false – smile and convince everyone that he was just fine even if it felt like his insides had been filled with cement and nothing could get past that block. In the daytime, at least it was bearable. At night, though, everything was a thousand times worse. Nightmares ran rampant through his mind, a mixture of his worst fears and his most painful memories. The most common of these night terrors was Riley, tied down and forced to watch as his old foster siblings had their way with [Y/N]. These nightmares always resulted in a violent panic attack, which led to overthinking his life, which lead to seemingly eternal anxiety attacks. Riley grew to hate sleeping.
Honestly, Riley probably wouldn’t have survived nearly as long as he did without [Y/N] and his fathers. More than once, Riley had lain in bed, exhausted after his latest anxiety attack, and wondered if death would be any gentler on him. A few times, he had found himself in the bathroom, turning a bottle of painkillers over and over in his hands and wondering if it would hurt to down them all, if he’d survive if he found the courage to do so. In the end, though, he never went through with it, because he hated the idea of hurting anyone he loved, [Y/N] especially, like that.
Even so, it got to be too much. Caffeine could only sustain a person for so long, and Riley would legitimately prefer a slow, painful death to having to sleep again, so Riley gave up. He just couldn’t do it anymore. He gave himself three days to tidy everything up, to squirrel away enough pills that he could OD, and to write his suicide notes. He wrote three: one to specify who got what of his stuff, one for his fathers, and one for [Y/N].
Riley decided he wanted to die on a Saturday. The Friday before he planned to die, he slipped his suicide note into [Y/N]’s locker, knowing that [Y/N] almost never used his locker, so he wouldn’t find it for a while after Riley was gone. Riley went through his last day at school without a care in the world, figuring that none of it mattered if he was going to be dead in less than twenty-four hours. It was like nothing could hurt him.
Everything fell apart at the end of the day, though. When Riley walked out of the school, he was met with [Y/N]’s glare. For a second, Riley was confused, but then he saw his suicide note clenched in [Y/N]’s fist.

[Supportive, loving seke needed. Your character should be kind, but still human, meaning he can still get angry and make bad decisions. Please keep in mind that a romantic or sexual relationship should not be rushed and will not automatically make Riley “better. This is meant to be a long-term roleplay, so it will take a long time for Riley to be okay again. This roleplay will not contain cheating of any kind, involving any characters. I require good grammar (meaning correct punctuation, spelling, and capitalization), as well as a minimum of three-line responses and absolutely no text talk (i.e. thx, ily, u/ur, etc.). If you cannot meet these requirements, I will delete the roleplay. Also, I have a fairly hectic schedule, so please, for the love of God, do not ceaselessly tag me if I don’t respond right away. Comment “Sweetheart” if you’ve read through all of this… sorry it’s so long lol.]

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Would anyone like to roleplay this with me? I can play as Uke or Seme. If you want to please give a small description of your character. Like name, age, hair color, style, eye color, and personality. I will do the same.
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A new student, in a new high school, in a new house, but not in a new city. That's what you are. A boy that had just returned to the first city his eyes saw, and that his first memories remembered. And, in almost all of them, there it was him.


"Where are we going, (Y/N)?" Jujūn-san asked, following closely behind you. Jujun was around fifteen years old, but damn, wasn't he intelligent... He was always carrying a book, of any kind. He was certainly a bookworm, as he loved reading. It was like his life fuel, there wasn't day on which he didn't read. He was... Short, for his age. He was 160 cm, his height like most of the girls in your class. He had blondish hair, and bright blue eyes, that shone within the obscure lights of the twilight.

(Y/N): "I just wanted to give you this... You know, as I'm leaving..." Sadly, it was true. Your parents had divorced, and you were going to live with your mom in a city far from the one you were. From your pocket, you took out a (state the object you gave him in comments), and smiled. "Please, keep it safe."

"... I will."


Lots of students rammed into the hall of your new high school, some of them being pushed, anothers running in to meet their old friends. After some minutes, the school bell rang, and you looked at your schedule. 'Room 305, Math Class'. The students were soon gone, just a few ones walking in there, but soon dissappearing into the different classrooms. There was only one, still at his locker, that looked at his watch. "The bell rang two minutes early..." It was true. It rang earlier than it should. Probably because the teachers wanted to force the students inside the classrooms soon. As you had no idea where the '305 classroom' was, you walked up to him, to ask...


//Ask first.
//Will do resposts.
//Need a sweet but playful seme, that has patience.
//This can lead to (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
//Please state name, appearence, and the object you gave to Jujūn.
//Be descriptive, +5 lines.
//And the most important of all...


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//First of all, don't take this boy as 'always smiling' like emo. This pic was just to take referee on how this boy is.

No matter what, that boy would always sit at the back of the class; sit alone at lunch time; be alone in break time. Even go home alone. No words ever came out of his mouth, and his face was just... Steady. Never smiling. It seemed that the only thing he did was breath, eat, walk... And listen to music. He was always listening to music in his MP3, at any time he could.

However, the people took that chance to start bullying him. Sometimes, in the morning, they made him trip. That explained the light marks of his elbows, that with the hands always stopped the fall. Sometimes, at lunch time, they took his food and eat it themselves, or throw it to the bin. He slowly began bring thinner.

(Y/N) always saw this from the distance. And always asked himself: 'Why doesn't he do nothing to stop them?' and many other questions. (Y/N) was getting a bit tired of seeing that poor boy getting bullied almost everyday, and just went to talk to him.

//Kk rules:

//Ask first.
//Will do reposts.
//Minimum of +2 lines reply.
//It can be as descriptive as you want. I'm usually descriptive, but if the replies are lower, I'll try to lower mines too.
//Seme needed [haw haw of course] a loving one, but then dominating and a bit though, not accepting a no as an answer.
//And the most important of all...


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Y/n and jessy were the best of friends they did everything together.they expirenced there first kiss with eachother and even sometime masturbated with eachother.

Jessy had a secret he like Y/n and always did he wanted to be more then just friends.he was scared to ruin everything.

He started to show some signs but Y/n still didnt get hurt jessy when Y/n said he got a girlfriend.

He held his feeling in and supported him until a few months later when you came telling him you caught her cheating on you.

And that night in jessys apartment he let you take his virginity to the boy he always loved

{My profile first pic}

Sexuality:secretly gay
Personality:bad cook,bubbly,bad temper,sometimes tsundere
Likes:sweet things,cute things,you,animals
Dislikes:snobby people,jerks,
(Your pic is the second you can send in your form anytime haha)

/Some rules\

~be active
~in kik or hangouts
~seme needed
~im the uke :3
~you can be kinky af xD

Thats it i guess xD haha my kik is:XxxnickixxX1 and if on hangouts you can find me i guess lol :3

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(Seke needed.)

"Before there was something, before there was anything, there was darkness. But then, light of creation chased the darkness away."

His name was Valkyr. He was the physical embodiment of what was left behind from the primordial darkness before time. He was male, but liked to pretend being genderless, as darkness needs no gender. Darkness was his domain. But he wasn't evil. He wasn't good as well. He was what darkness was. It could save lives or kill easily. In his true form, he had grim, terrifying wings, dark-red aureola and a longsword. His weapon wasn't affected by light or dark and always stayed the same, no matter what.

In the present, Valkyr was pretending to be a normal boy in normal city. He controlled his power well, and was looking for something. As it's known, darkness cannot be without light, and Valkyr was looking for one. And he found it. Y/N was a young guy, going in a normal school with normal friends. Everything seemed normal around him, but Valkyr saw light around him. The one, primordial light, that created everything. However, Y/N was human, thus couldn't use or see the light within him. Valkyr immediately fell in love with Y/N, but being around such a bright light was making him feel uneasy.

Once, when Y/N was walking from school after helping cleaning it, it was already dark. Y/N stumbled in a bad part of town and was soon confronted by a gang of 6 people with various weapons. What the gang didn't know was, that Y/N was followed by someone. By something. The gang wanted all his money, things and wanted him to strip all his clothes. Y/N...

·No text talk or emojis,
·4+ lines
·Do not try to use the "light" within you, since you can't
·There will be sex
·Tag me, if I don't respond in more than 12 hours. I'll do the same.
_·If you managed to read everything, provide a small character description with the words "Darkness Calls"_
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