After the events of Modern Warfare 3, a time Redux happened, remaking the entire events of the Modern Warfare Timeline happen again, with totally different people, and there has never been a better Tactician and Soldier then Christopher Logan Connell.

After illegally joining the S.A.S as an american and at the age of 13, he fought in Russia for months, and it caught the attention of a doctor named Jason Steele, who cured his Anger, Fear, and Anxiety...

...And by cure I mean he was actually handed over to the DeadStrike Military, the same guys who gave his girlfriend's bones the old chrome dip, they injected him with a severe combat specialized serum that ANY time he blacks out when in either extreme pain, seeing his Girlfriend injured, or his friends dead, he is able to hit harder, run quicker, see better, and even can take out Snipers from afar, with only a Pistol, depending on what battleground he is in, this can make him extremely dangerous, during his treatments for this procedure, he was a DANGER Class Subject.

His power has allowed him to kill 7 armored Ultranationalists at once, he's destroyed an entire Terrorist, led by (as you know from Modern Warfare, this is a Time Redux) Khaled Al-Asad with, and took down most of the ISIS Terrorist Group by himself, the scale of the people he killed after the Execution of the Middle East's President, he killed at most of 50,000,000 People, absolutely ARMED with explosives, SMGs, Pistols, and during a Time Paradox, he blew off the head of his counterpart, Captain Price, after all of these events, Logan accomplished his dream of being the Greatest War Hero alive.


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Species:inkling girl
Lives:inkopoils moblius etc,
Bio:a genderbend of sonic who lives in inkopoils after being born in chemical plant
One day she rules inkopoils now she can do anything she wants

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Name: brandon
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Race: Mexican
Soldier type: infantry
Bio: I was one of the best soldiers out there but then I was sent on a dangerous mission and then I was claimed "missing". a few years passed by and I returned in a middle of another war...I came back to life
Weapons: two L-CAR 9, dingo, benelli m4
Special weapons: purifire, scythe (can carry it)
Attachments: increased ammunition
Quotes: "want hell? I'll give ya' hell"
"Look bud, life is hard and that's why many people give up that easily"
Armour ability: heat wave, psychosis
Skills: free running, sharpshooter, stealth attacks, gory kills, knows a few martial arts, and invention
Build: strong,fast legs and arms, (u know martial arts, you gotta be quick!) fit
Hair color: black
Eye color: very dark brown
Faction: special forces (marine) and the u.s. army
Rank: 1st sergeant in the Marines and the u.s. army
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A a vida Ta Osso
By : Sans

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<Name: Connor Albine
 <(optional) Nick: Mc
 <Gender: Male
<Age: 18
<Race: White
<Weight: 160
<Height:  69.7
<Build: Large shoulders, Fast Legs, Strong Arms, Fit
<(optional) Skin Tone: Tanned
<Facial Features:  Scar over the left eye, repaired
<Hair color: Dirty Blonde
<Eye color:  Blue
<Soldier Type: Soldier
<Faction: Mercenaries
<Rank: Sergeant  
<Weapon: M4A1 Assault Rifle, Glock 19, Taser Pistol
 <Weapon Attachments: ACOG M4 Sight, Laser Dot
 <Armor Abilities (AA): None
<Skills: Standard Army teachings
<Bio: I'm a grunt in the U.S. Army, Typical dude, 'course that changed when the Russians Attacked, All that changed... And fast

A black hawk flies over some spartans and starts firing at them
This is super 64 let em have it!!

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"Ready to assist"

Name- Eli Johnson
Nick name- Boss
Gender- M
Race- Mixed
Voice- ((I am the 64 pilot))
Weight- 209lb
Height- 6" 5'
Build- Medium
Skin tone- White
Facial features- Beard, Scar under nose
Hair color- Brown
Eye color- Baby blue
Soldier type- Pilot
Faction- COD MW3 DELTA
Rank- Chief warrant officer 
Weapons- M-4, Desert eagle
Attachments- M-4- grip, Desert eagle- red dot sight
AA- none
Skills- expert pilot
Bio- touring in Iraq, and all of the middle east Eli was a pilot who bested the rest.... Until he was shot down in Somalia on a mercy mission. He spent four days a prisoner before being rescued. Now he is back in action helping extract troops in desperate need.

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< Name: Soranin Ibanez
< Callsign: Sierra 116
< Gender: Male
< Age: 720
< Race: Cybertronian
< Voice:
< Weight: 50,7
< Height: 6,03
< Build: athletic
< Skin Tone: unknown
< Facial Features: Unknown
< Hair Color: Black
< Eye Color: Blue
< Extras:
< Relationships:
Natallie Winter Ibanez​​ (Daughter)
Lauren Winter Ibanez​​ (Daughter)
Galen Marek​​
Mark and Kurt Ibanez (Brothers)
Jade Ibanez (Sister)
< Weapons: Ma5C Assault Rifle, BR-85 Battle Rifle and Shotgun
< Weapon Attachments: none
< Specialization:
< Armor Abilities: Enforced Shield
< Soldier Type: Spartan III
<Armor: Mark VII
< Faction: U.N.S.C.
< Rank: Warrant Officer
< Skills: jump, running, fight
< Bio: After surviving cybertron war, soranin went into ecstasy and was in a ship abandoned by Decepticon 3 centuries After returning vote for 1700 (time of American independence) It helps our armies to fight against the English and after the war lurks After over two centuries it is found by Catherine Halsey and is placed in the project spartan The results were satisfactory His first assignment was with the master chief 117 His mission was: go to Harvest rescue the survivors of the academy corgono A unknown hostile attack (the covenant) after the success of the mission he runs over eight missions against the covenant Harvest and 2 in the other four to Reach. Before the ninth mission he finds his girlfriend Arcee has not seen since entered into ecstasy, He'll ask her to marry, and impregnates. After three years, the little Natalie sees his father going to battle against the covenant in Reach, soon after the mission a failure he is master chief come in cryogenics to the installation 04 events
Shortly after the events of Halo 2, 3 and 4 after 4 years it returns to earth with a new armor damaged chest thanks to Didact and he decides to take a break in the battles One year later, Natalie (since 8 years) receives a younger sister named Lauren. and just two months later, the brother of Soranin, Kurt goes crazy and Behead soranin arm and kills Arcee in front of him and two daughters. After seven years Kurt becomes a Darth Vader project dies like him the way He returns to the light side and die in peace leaving two orphaned children who love getting jade and Mark (brothers of Soranin and Kurt) Now soranin has: Natalie 16 years, training in a gym of unsc intend to be a spartan as his father Lauren, age 8. pulled insanity father and a strong attachment to his family. She has a frantic addiction to rock and hacks As for soranin, he is still in unsc, reported missing for helping chief and hunted by Agent Locke 
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