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This applies to real life AND the online world! #4LoveOfTwitter

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This is a good content ratio to keep in mind on Twitter as well! #4LoveOfTwitter

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The Best Content Curation Strategy: 5-3-2 Rule of Social Sharing:

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Have you heard of the #USAirways   MisTweet? What did you think?

Here's what I thought about the whole saga and how #USAirways  handled it. I think there's something for all of us to learn here. via +B2C 

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Looking For The Perfect Twitter Strategy?

Sorry, there is no perfect Twitter strategy or recipe, but it's always a good time to reflect upon what you're doing.   #KloutChat   #4LoveOfTwitter  cc +Klout  +Sahana Ullagaddi  +James Landau +Michelle Bertino  +Jon Dick +Kim Garst )

(PS: Note Klout is using a catchy headline and inline image to increase engagement on this particular tweet/blog post)

Can you define your Twitter strategy? Are you getting the engagement that you want? Feel free to ask away in the comments.

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With so much content online it can be challenging to know what to post when. I find Twitter one of the best resources to hunt for good content but you really have to know where to look.

1) Take advantage of Twitter lists for real time targeted content; do you follow any lists?

2) Search for keywords and hashtags e.g. #health   #socialmedia ; do you have any saved searches set up?

3) Pay close attention to trending topics; have you tried the  #NewKlout  feature?

Once you find that interesting tidbit, you need to do more than just hit 're-tweet' you can curate it, re-share it, and reply to it in a way that it sparks a conversation and gets you noticed.

Where do you look for your content to post?

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Do you want to be my #TwitFriend ? Pretty cool parody by +Paul Holmes +Katharine Holmes  +SocialMediaCamp   #SMCamp   (and many others tag yourself!) cc +Sean Smith  +Cadi Jordan +David Caughran  +Helen Edley +Linda Hunter 
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