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Director of Richmond Dream Academy
Richmond Dream Academy Board

Johnny Walker- Walker is a former 4th district City Council candidate (2012 and 2016) and retired Director from AT&T. He served on Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond, Richmonders Involved to Strengthen our Community, Citizens Against Crime Inc, Richmond Kiwanis Club, and Support Group for Autistic Children. Walker is currently the chair of the Richmond Crusade for Voters research committee where he moderated the RCV Candidate forums, including School Board forum. Walker made a donation to The Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia in 2013 for $360 and he donated to his own campaign. Johnny Walker is married to Albertina Walker who also serves on the board of the Richmond Dream Academy.

Ray Gargiulo- Gargiulo is a former Republican candidate for the 69th District of House of Delegates and former 5th district school board candidate. In addition, Gargiulo is a retired RPS principal, former Peace Corps volunteer, and is a co-founder of GReat Aspirations Scholarship Program (GRASP) which is a nonprofit that helps VA students post-high school. Gargiulo co-founded GRASP in 1983 with Senator Walter A. Stosch. Gargiulo participated in the research that certified and placed a marker in a section of Northside now recognized as "Little Italy." In 2011, Gargiulo helped develop a device to repel geese with sound. Gargiulo is a member of RPD's volunteer Neighborhood Assistant Officer's program and was involved in moving the Richmond Police Memorial and ensuring it's cleaned. Gargiulo has had some letters to the editor of RTD and Richmond Free Press published. In 2011, Gargiulo wrote the opinion that instead of middle school, junior high should be brought back. An opinion piece penned by Gargiulo advocating referring to African-Americans as American Africans. Gargiulo also submitted a letter to the editor while he was the Assistant Principal at Bellemeade/Oakgrove Elementary school.
Albertina Carter Walker- Albertina Walker is a retired Richmond Police Captain. Walker ran against Derik Jones for the 8th District School Board seat. At the time, Walker was a member of Pastor Jones church. Walker was the first African American woman promoted to Captain in RPD and she did volunteer work at the Richmond City Jail and PAL Program and School Resource Officer Program. Walker spoke on the Mayor's role in schools during her campaign. Walker was honored as RTD's 2016 Correspondent of the Year. Walker wrote another opinion piece while running for school board. Albertina Walker is married to Johnny Walker who is also on the board for Dream Academy. Walker's only campaign contribution was to her husband's City Council campaign.
Harold Allen- No information found.
David Prince, Esq.- Prince is a personal injury attorney in Richmond, VA. In 2010, Prince was the subject of a misconduct review by the VA State Bar. According to VPAP, Prnce has made donations to Donald McEachin, Jim Gilmore, Terone Green, and Shannon Taylor for a total of $1,350.
Jeremy Lazarus- Lazarus as been a reporter with The Richmond Free Press for over 20 years. In 1994, Lazarus won RRHA's Media Award. Jeremy Lazarus is the husband of Joann Henry, Director of the Dream Academy. According to VPAP, Lazarus donated $200 to Kaine in 2006.
Vergie Binford, Ed.D.- Dr. Binford was a long-time educator in Richmond Public Schools including as a director of RPS's Follow-Through Program. In 1988, Dr. Binford was hired as a consultant with a one year contract by the DOE in the Virgin Islands. In total, Binford made political donations totaling $2,550 to democrat candidates including Tim Kaine, Henry March, Viola Baskerville, etc. Binford passed away on March 19, 2017.
Benjamin J. Lambert III, OD- Lambert was an optometrist and politician. Lambert served in the House of Delegates for the 71st district from 1978-1983, the House of Delegates for the 33rd district from 1983-1985, and Virginia Senate in the 9th district from 1985-2007. In total, Lambert donated $167,175. Of that amount, Lambert donated $152,000 to his campaign for senate. The only Republican Lambert donated to was an amount of $250 to Bob McDonnell's gubernatorial campaign. Lambert passed away in March 2014.
Reverend Willie Woodson- Woodson became the pastor at First United Presbyterian Church on North Ave in 1988. Woodson took over the post of project director for Community Learning Week in 1999. In 2001 Woodson helped create MLK Lesson Plans to be implemented in Richmond Public Schools. Woodson wrote and published the book A Transformed Hustler. In 2009, Woodson made his only political donation for the amount of $150 to Dwight Jones.
Linda Gilliam, Ph.D.- Gilliam is a retired educator in Henrico County with more then 35 years of experience. When she was the assistant principal at JR Tucker High School, Gilliam spoke about preventing violence in a social and school environment at the Youth Summit in Henrico County. Gilliam was also the principal at Arthur Ashe Elementary. As the director of disciplinary review for HCPS, Gilliam was involved in making plans in 2005 for growth. Gilliam was elected Alpha Kappa Alpha's Mid-Atlantic Regional Director in 2010. McAuliffe appointed Gilliam to the Family and Children's Trust Fund, Board of Trustees.
Gwendolyn Douglas
Bernice Travers- In 1986 Travers wrote a play for an all-black cast called "It's Still My Time." Travers was a board member of Richmond Community Action Program when the executive director illegally fired the director of the Head Start Program. She did not support firing the director and fought against the decision. In the early 1990s, Travers was the president of the Northside Richmond Business Association that focused on revitalizing the Brookland Park Boulevard corridor. in 1994 Travers who was the executive director of the Virginia NAACP at the time, accompanied George Allen's wife, Susan, on a trip to South Africa on a seven day state trade and cultural mission. Travers was a panelist on the city's crime summit panel in 1994 where she advocated year round school from 7AM-7PM and try teenagers who commit adult crimes as adults. In 1995 Northside Richmond Business Association received a $70,000 grant from Richmond City to promote entrepreneurship by offering loans to small businesses. The following year, Traver's organization, NRBA, was upset they were only allocated $15,000 for the fiscal year when they had requested $95,000. Councilperson Viola Baskerville alleged the organization may not have deserved the additional funding citing their low rating of 4.86 out of 10 from the City Strategy Team. Mayor Young voted against the grants entirely because NRBA did not get the amount they wanted; however, it is of note that Travers is cited as "a friend and supporter of Young." In 1997, the Northside Business Association Inc. offered a 10 week session to train prospective business owners. That same year Travers vocally opposed John F. Berry's plan to bring a new convention center into downtown Richmond. As the President of the Richmond Crusade for Voters, Travers was part of getting the 2017 ballot measure to change the city's charter on the ballot that would force the Mayor to fund schools without an increase in taxes or fees or declare the task impossible. Travers spoke out against the art display of clowns in KKK robes hanging from trees in Byrd Park this year. According to VPAP, Travers made one donation of $1,200 in 2006 to Reggie Malone's City Council campaign.
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Carol Wolf
Soliloque of the Soul
( Welcome to the Coming of . . . )

Humanity shines
Justice, Democracy and Socialism upholded

Corruption and Poverty eliminated
The Spirit of Truth and Philosophical outlook flourish
Abuse of Life and Nature prevented

Science, Lit, Art and Skills develop
Clean and Green environment follows

Happy, Smile and Peaceful Sleep established
Diversity appreciated, frictions dissolved and all United
Compassion with mutual respect and all Goodness galore

Make the Earth the ideal place to live in
New doors open until then closed, many more follows

From person to person and to the entire world
When established within us, connected to outside too
When Peace opens, UnPeace fades - Inner as well Outer
Humanity made for it, on the way, Quicker by Meditation

▶ Peace and Love are of us by nature, let's join together

✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴
Welcome, The Festival - Happy International Day of Peace, Sep 21
( #Meditation #Yoga #Peace #Humanity )
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