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name: lily
age:16 but looks really young due to her hair, skin, height
eyes: bloodshot red
skin: icey pale white cold to the touch and soft as can be
hair:always in pigtails when really thirsty her hair turns white and silvery when ok and sweat her hair is black as night
height: 4'10''
clothing: of course she changes her outfits but it will most likely all ways be a dress normally in black, red, or white and frilly
personality: she is sweat and shy and absolutely adorable but can be really needy and normally needs some one to help her
backstory: even though she is a new born vampire she is actually a vampire demon princess sent to earth on a mission but upon arivale she has forgotten all her memories all she knows is that she woke up in a dark wood forest with the thirst for blood
species: vampire demon princess
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