We are having major issues with logging into wifi at all our schools.
At 4 locations we use the same WPA2 enterprise encryption that I force the Chromebooks to connect to and within the past few days it's gotten to the point where almost every Chromebook just sits at our network SSID and doesn't allow the student to login. I have shown them how to disable the wifi, then enable wifi and all the sudden it auto connects again and moves forward with the login. If you don't do that or sign in as an existing user it will just sit there.
I just called tech support and submitted a ticket so hopefully we will have a resolution soon!

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For those organizations that require incognito mode disabled for any group of their Chromebook users (we are a school district), a new method to open incognito windows when you have otherwise blocked their access was brought to my attention. I've reported the issue to the Chromium dev team (linked), but a quick fix is to ensure chrome://inspect is included on your URL Blacklist if you haven't already.

Confirmed on versions 59, 60, and 61 on an Acer C731.

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Check out the latest edition of 'What's New for G Suite Admins' which covers all the updates released in September 2017 that are relevant to G Suite Admins. Don’t forget to subscribe to the playlist. #GSuite

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How do I make my Gmail administrator status

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does anyone know a way to NOT let students take their devices out of kiosk mode?? they have found the keyboard shortcut when we are trying to do MAP testing and it would be great if we could block them from being able to exit kiosk mode on their own... THANKS!

I want to learn more about the Admin Console for Education. Please advise! Thanks!

Our district has been allowing students to download chrome apps and extensions and only blacklisting the really bad ones. We have run into issues and want to switch the policy to only allow the apps that we approve. However, if a student has already added the extension or app (that we will not be allowing going forward), will the change in policy disable this app for them? Thank you!

I have a question about Google Voice\Hangouts. I want to help our teachers get a Google Voice number so they can call\text parents without giving out their personal cell phone number. I know the procedure but my question is since it will be tied to their school email will I (Google Admin) be able to log and keep a copy of their calls and text. We only want to do this for protection of the teacher. Any ideas?
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