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Drake is walking downtown, trying to figure out how to get back to his time. He hears something around the corner and glances around it, seeing...

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Name: Drake
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Side: Resistance
Appearance: Picture
Personality: Stubborn, Strong
Ranger: Red Buster (From the future)
Strengths: Speed
Weaknesses: Cats: freezes when he sees them
Likes:  Training
Dislikes: Laziness
Other: He was part of the Go-Busters after the original team. His father is Hiromu, and he's become part of the vaccine program at a young age. While fighting a Vaglass, he was sent back in time to the time of the Resistance, trying to find a way back.

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I get up and leave the room

what happened to the other reanger rp group?

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may I be ranger please

May i be a ranger?

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Name: Amanda Stag
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Side: Resistance
Appearance: Picture
Personality: Strong, true leader, intelligent, short-tempered, will use herself to shield others from harm
Ranger: GoseiRed
Strengths: Accuracy, speed
Weaknesses: Temper
Likes: Nature, peace
Dislikes: Zangyack
Other: She witnessed the Legend War and had gotten hurt by Zangyack. She would've gotten seriously hurt if not for GoseiRed spotting her and shielding her from a final blast. If not for him, she wouldn't be here today, and she's thankful he did that. Now, she has a reason to fight back, and she's going to take every chance she can get revenge. Unknown to her, she's Alata's little sister, a reason why he had protected her in the war. She is actually GoseiGold, but if she doesn't have her Tensouder, she doesn't remember. She was separated from Alata, Eri, Moune, Agri, and Hyde when they first came to Earth and lost her Tensouder shortly after getting separated from them.

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Name: Mccloud
Age: 20ish
gender: male
Side: Zangyack
Apperance: see attached
personality: withdrawn, prefers to stick to the shadows, doesn't talk about his past, not a member of the Zangyack race, he's a mercenary
Rank: enforcer/assassin
strengths: has a very sharp blade, doesn't make any noises, at all
weaknesses: water, ice, extreme cold
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: not getting his pay, those he deems below him
Bio: came with the Zangyack when they invaded, stayed up in orbit during the bulk of the fighting, was brought down to deal with the leftover humans
other: carries a strange red gem and a strange book with him when not in combat, unknown why he has them

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Name: Unknown. He uses the names "Paladin" and "David Luxor", but they were both proven to be pseudonyms.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Side: Undecided. He will fight against whichever side he feels will offer him the greater challenge.
Appearance: Pictures
Bio: Unknown
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