Thanks for adding me! Delighted to find a Mac-centric group that's current. And appreciate the leads on Graphic Converter, which I used years ago and liked. I've used Reunion for years but recently discovered the chart feature is apparently less robust, or I am missing something. Look forward to reading up on your past posts here.

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I've got a free monthly genealogy newsletter. For those interested, visit

I talk about Macs sometimes and genealogy all the time. :D

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Anybody used this photo editor?

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For those of you upgrading to MacOS Sierra, Reunion 11 is supported. If you have questions about other apps and compatibility, try

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GraphicConverter on sale. If you're searching for a lower-cost and more intuitive alternative to Photoshop Elements, consider GraphicConverter. Version 10 is on sale today and tomorrow. I've used this since version 3 and wouldn't be without it for image management.

This is a Mac-only app.

Hi I live in Australia and use Reunion 10 (no money to upgrade to Reunion 11), DevonThink Pro and Evidentia. I started the do-over for the second time at the beginning of the year but have been held up because I transferred my 17,000+ notes from Evernote to DevonThink Pro which I find much better. Now that I have finished that mammoth marathon I am ready to get on with data entry :-)

Just want to say I attended the +Sassy Jane Genealogy presentation on Managing Your Digital Research Environment at Rootstech and came away with 2 important points:
1. Perfection is overrated
2.Choose what works for you.
Thanks Nancy for all the tips and suggestions. Great presentation.

Because of Mondays with Myrt, in September I was encouraged to begin a family blog and made it private-for my daughter and I since I was just beginning. Blogger makes it so easy. I did a bit of experimenting with pictures and backgrounds and such and ended up with two blog posts in September. Thanks for the encouragement to be daring and try something new!
However, due to health issues through December I didn't add any more blogs but during that time really thought about the importance of writing down my memories as they surface. And since my daughter is always working, I don't always have the time to share with her. Once a life passes, so do all the memories. So, with renewed interest I have begun again. There is no particular order...I just thought I needed to write...whatever it was. Since January 28, when I started writing again, I have made 5 additional posts to the Blog!!! I think I'm getting it. And when I am brave enough and confident enough I hope to share what I have written with a larger circle.
I'm loving my new Mac and one day I'll be able to transfer my data from the old Mac to the new once I can get myself to the Apple store again. I missed iPhotos at first but am getting used to and appreciating the newest Photos on my new Mac. As with anything, it just takes some practice and patience. I just want to thank all of my genealogy friends who have helped and encouraged me along the way.

For those wanting to run PC programmes on their Mac this week CodeWeavers have released Crossover v15.0.0.

I was running Family Historian on my Air under Crossover v14 but gave up due to some major shortcomings (mapping did not work and Ancestral Sources v5 would not run for example). I went to a VirtualBox VM instead.

However, on doing the update to Crossover v15 today and trying Family Historian again it seems to be running fine with the major issues now resolved. I have more testing to do but it looks like this is a worthwhile update and may mean more PC programmes can now run without a VM.

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Ancestry is dumping Family Tree Maker. Any suggestions for MAC desktop alternatives. I have used Reunion but changed when a number of years ago it did not transfer successfully to a new mac so as I had to redo much changed over to FTM.
#genealogy #ancestry
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