Predicting the Life
This is not so easy to predict about life.Practically in the modern world, no one is able to predict the life exactly,but using simple methods like behaviors, appearance,family background, society,religion,we can give somewhat close ideas about our Future.Today with this article, I will expose my ideas toward life predicting.

Before giving any idea ,we must be aware of the subject so first of all I should give you a little idea what the life is.

What is the life.

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virus vs antivirus

In the modern world ,the virus is a common topic among the public because virus can be found in various forms.Some of these are live and others are pro-grammes that created by humans.The anti virus are the opposite form of  those viruses.
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The Mind
The mind is still mysterious thing to find out. But here you will see a different approach to the mind. Humans are the best living species in the planet because of the mind.The mind gets lot of talks among the people, but no one could give exact answers for the questions about the mind


How was the mind born? 
When we are given a birth with most important five organs (eyes, mouth, ears, nose and the skin), we can obtain signals from environment. Then we must be mature enough to keep these signals in our memory called brain.After getting all these signal, we can analyze them  ,but this part is not only from brain also involves another part that is mind. After analyzing we can realize them and use them accordingly.We do works according to brain's signals.When using these signals ,a copy of brain is born because of the interaction of the brain. It is a power that is an an amount of power dust which can not be seen with bare eyes. .

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